Vote for Mermaids: Last Chance to Vote for the Winning Book Trailer

Come on people vote for the number video of Varla Ventura’s new book “Among the Mermaids” It will put you in the running for some mermaid swag and a signed copy of you latest book. If you enjoyed her on the Paranormal Geeks Radio show, don’t miss her book.

Varla Ventura

Vote! Vote! Vote!

You’ve got one more day to vote for one of the following book trailers. By commenting, I’ll tally your votes and enter you to win a signed copy of my book, Among the Mermaids + mermaid swag. The winning trailer will become the official book trailer and will be posted on the publisher’s website.

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, Friday the 13th of September!

Trailer One:  Waves

Trailer Two: Tentacle


Trailer Three: Splash

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