Roses and Vellum: Steampunk 1.02

cyber catBrilliant essay on Steampunk by at Roses and Vellum.  Read the full essay here (link).

Perhaps the biggest danger we actually face is making TOO MANY rules, we must take inspiration from everywhere, stylistically we are not just Victorian we are Punk and New Romantic and Goth, Steampunk literature is there, but we mustn’t fall into the trap of only worshipping things with cogs. There are books now that just throw a few cogs in there just to relate to a Steampunk audience and that is not a good sign. we have to be more open. embrace Steamgoth with its depictions of darkness and monsters, but not ask for it to be too filled with machinery, embrace urban fantasy, depictions of other glittering worlds. be inspired by rockstars and dandies.

I suppose the best aspect of her essay is the pathos and her call for tolerance. Perhaps one of my favorite movements within steampunk is the multiculturalism. Much of steampunk is London-centric, but I can’t help but delight in new films like Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero.

Take a moment to check out Laura’s blog.  I think you’ll enjoy it.





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