In my mailbox

Oh, you know my mailman hates me. Today I heard the doorbell and scurried to the door as quickly as Peppy would allow me. He has this thing about tripping me on the way to the door or phone. To my surprise, I had a book wedged nicely between the door and storm door (usually it’s tossed in a puddle).  As I retrieved my package,  I watched the mailman pull away and wondered if he might have left some mail in my box (as is his odd habit). I walked to the box and found two more books. Would it really have been that hard to carry the other books to my door? At any rate, this is what landed in my box …


The Witches’ Almanac … This is the 2014 “Mystic Earth”. Probably the best neo-pagan almanac series on the market. The Witches’ Almanac, Issue 33: Spring 2014 – Spring 2015: Mystic Earth

Pyr introduces a new Philippa Ballantine (A Shifted World) novel Kindred and Wings. I’ve read much of the ARC, but this second installment of this Shifted World series is tough to work through. Kindred and Wings (A Shifted World Novel)

Imhotep The African hits the bookstores next month via Disinformation Books. I’m looking forward to this one … Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos

So there you have it, if you have ever wondered what Barry reads other than steampunk. This is a pretty good selection of my non-steampunk/Victorian reading material and a strong indication of why my mailman hates me.

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