Ripper Street

ripper doctorIf you love Victorian-era drama that is on the darker side, I think that you will appreciate a show titled “Ripper Street.” The series is set in 1889 shortly after the last Jack the Ripper murder.

Each episode is a stand-alone crime drama starring Matthew Macfadyen (Detective Inspector Edmund Reid), Jerome Flynn (Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake) and Adam Rothenberg (American surgeon and former Pinkerton agent Captain Homer Jackson). The series is a bit dark and includes scenes of violence and nudity as opposed to something along the lines of a Murdoch Mysteries. Ripper Street is more like Copper. The series has eight episodes with a second season of eight episodes due in 2014.

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  1. Autumnforest says:

    Oh, you got my attention!

    1. What was it the violence or nudity that got your attention? lol

  2. RIPPER STREET fans: The BBC has cancelled this show after only two seasons, before Americans have even had a chance to see Season Two. You may show your support for a return of this series here: Over 33,800 fans from inside and outside of the UK have signed already — tweet, e-mail, spread the word. We will #SaveRipperSt

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