Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink – Official Trailer

Looks like an awesome game from Artifex Mundi

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink – Official Trailer

Gargantuan earthquakes devastate city after city. Dr. Ambrose Ink, one of the greatest minds of the steam revolution, has undertaken the task of explaining why these supernatural quakes are occurring.
His investigation leads him to Hochwald, the small mountain town at the foot of the Barber Family Castle. However, soon after his arrival, Ink disappears under mysterious circumstances.

The only person who can find the doctor and unravel the mystery of the earthquakes is secret agent Evangeline Glass. But to do so, she will have to infiltrate the closely-guarded castle and discover the secret agenda of its current resident — Gerhard Barber, the General Engineer of Gottland.

Her mechanical raven Matthew helps her along the way.

During her mission, Evangeline will uncover many secrets – some that burn, like hot, billowing steam, violently and permanently.


  • • Discover a rich steampunk world (machines, sceneries, gadgets)
  • • Meet Matthew — a mechanical raven, your companion during this adventure
  • • Diversified “Gameplay adventure” — featuring hang gliding, impersonating soldiers, fighting mechanical golems
  • • Explore 31 (38 in case of Collector’s Edition) hand-painted, unique locations
  • • Three difficulty levels
  • • Get 19 Achievements!
  • • Find all the extraordinary mechanical insects to complete a unique collection!
  • • Find 8 (11 – Collector’s Edition) hidden-object scenes
  • • Complete 25 (31 in Collector’s Edition) addictive mini-games and riddles
  • • Meet 12 diverse characters
  • • The Collector’s Edition includes: an additional adventure, concept art collection, wallpapers and music from the game





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