Dog Days of Summer: Intuitive Dogs

Peppy is proud…

Varla Ventura

 snarl dogEven if you don’t have a doggie to call your own, you can’t help but give up some respect for the amazing powers of the canine crowd. 

Is Fido Psychic?

Many people claim their pets have extrasensory perception (ESP), and a Russian experiment proved it. To test dogs’ mind-reading abilities, the scientists conducted 1,278 trials that measured the canine’s response to unspoken commands. The dogs responded correctly to the unspoken commands more than 50 percent of the time. The odds of this phenomenon being mere chance, claims Dennis Bardens, the author of Psychic Animals, are billions to one.

Woman’s Best Friend

A woman in California who ran a successful coffee business had her canine companion constantly at her side. One afternoon while taking a much-needed break, her dear doggie began to sniff and lick at her breast area. That night, her dog repeated the odd behavior by tugging at the blankets and biting at her pajama shirt. The next day, the…

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