Ghost Hunters International: The Final Season

Ghost Hunters International: The Final Season
will be available for purchase as a DVD August 27th and a lot of people are unhappy about it. Many fans felt that the Syfy channel’s reluctance to say that GHI was cancelled meant that GHI would/could return to TV. Sadly, that idea or hope was dashed with the title on the DVD’s cover “The Final Season.” Sorry True Believers — surprise (if you had read Gnostalgia more often you wouldn’t have been so surprised).

Still others, in the True Believers category, are upset by the label “actor” assigned by Amazon and other retailers by the star’s names.Β  Wake-up and smell the coffee, retailers have been labeling the ghost hunters as actors for years.

The packaging of the DVD is very odd. It is some sort of moon photoshop-effect with a partial cast. For reasons only Syfy knows, Paul Bradford and Scott Tepperman were dropped from the cover? Bradford is having trouble finding anyone who will admit to approving the cover, “Ive now written to both @Pilgrim_Studios and @SyFy in regards to the GHI Final Season DVD Cover…. Someone has to have Okay’d this….”

GHI was a “red meat” paranormal show for me; I loved to tear into that show and give it a good shake. Frankly, a paranormal investigation requires more than just a few days and their conclusions, based on these brief investigations, were woefully simplistic. Having said that, I think the locations were eye-popping beautiful. I’d love to visit those locations. The bones of a good show are there; I think that the execution, for a myriad of reasons, was lacking.

Author: Barry

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5 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters International: The Final Season”

  1. I really enjoyed GHI, far better than I ever did GH! I think they did a much better job and made far fewer assumptions about things than GH, and as someone who knows what she’s doing and understands the world of the paranormal in a very unique and… um, intimate(?) (Not sure what the best word to use here but I don’t mean in that way so get your mind outta the gutter, Barry! Ha ha) way, I can tell you that GHI definitely did things far better than GH ever did and they at least investigated the things they should have rather than making a boatload of assumptions that they really couldn’t back up!

    I’m sorry to hear that Scott and Paul were left off the cover but given some of what I know about Pilgrim (and for that matter about Jason and Grant as well), I can’t say I’m entirely shocked by that sort of thing… this is so in their wheelhouse. But it’s a shame.

    And it’s a real shame SyFy isn’t showing it cuz I’d actually tune in for it. I haven’t watched GH in years, but I continued to watch GHI regardless. And I’m cutting a lit of what I watch on SyFy cuz they have very little true SyFy shows anymore. I personally think they should sell off Continuum, Lost Girl, Sinbad, Defiance, and Haven, along with any remaining episodes of Warehouse (maybe it would then get renewed) and sell the rights to everything they’ve cancelled that is a sci-fi series over the last year or two (like Eureka and Alphas, for instance) to the highest bidder, and they should sell them all as a package. Where one goes they all go. And then they should change their name to the paranormal channel. It would make a lot more sense. Then they could purchase shows like Duck Dynasty and Swamp People. I mean, they carry WWE, so why not branch out into other genres? I don’t see how WWE has anything to do with sci-fi… other than the fiction? Lol πŸ˜‰

    By I will be interested in getting this DVD set. Wish I could get the entire series, but I probably couldn’t afford it… oy!

    1. lol, I try to keep my mind out of the gutter but it just seems to be a natural state for me *wink*. Loved your comments, it has been a tough couple of days. The week started with being awakened at 6:39 by a phone call, shelves collapsing, dead batteries, computer problems, and even a dog bite. Your comments made me smile … thank you.

      1. Lol! Glad I could cheer you up! I’m sorry you’re having such a rough week! That just is no fun 😦 But it sounds like my week last week. I nearly (and I’m not being dramatic here) had a nervous breakdown. It was not fun. But I have been much better this week and the phone is actually part of the reason for that. I’ve pretty much told everyone I know to stop calling. Don’t call me I’ll call you! πŸ˜‰

        Now, I have to ask, did Peppy bite you? I would be heartbroken to hear that! And if not, did you make sure the dog was vaccinated against rabies, did you go to the hospital, and was it reported to the police? I know a little bit about animal medicine (spent close to 15 years in the biz and did all but actually be the vet!)…

        Feel better soon Barry! Sending love and hugs your way! πŸ™‚

        1. My nephew Willy was teasing Peppy with a piece of chicken. I guess Peppy thought that I was going to take it away. Peppy has all of his shots and meds; I take better care of him than I do of myself *wink*. It was only a little nip that didn’t break the skin. Peppy felt bad about it and spent a lot of time under the coffee-table. lol

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