Review: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher Hardcover: 176 pages Publisher: Quirk Books (July 2, 2013) ISBN-10: 1594746370 ISBN-13: 978-1594746376 What can I say? I came, I saw, I laughed... Doescher retells the story of Star Wars (Verily A New Hope) in the spirit of William Shakespeare. The cover art and interior art are brilliant.... Continue Reading →


Dale the Doll fan page

Yes, I love Dale the Doll and I think that it is time that Dale had his own "fan" page (link). For those of you who don't know about Dale, he has a popular side-kick in the Author, Blogger, and radio guest Sharon Day. You can see some of Dale's exploits on Ghost Hunting Theories... Continue Reading →

Interview with steampunk author Melissa Ann Conroy

Interview with steampunk author Melissa Ann Conroy. 1. What inspired you to write a steampunkish Victorian story and are you planning a series? I'm in the midst of writing the Aether Saga, a "historical steampunk" series that spans 1854-1857 and encompasses a number of historical events such as the Indian Rebellion of 1857. The first... Continue Reading →

Weiser Books this fall

Not long ago, Red Wheel/Weiser Books sent me a catalog of it's Fall/Winter titles. While I'd love one of everything, I picked just a few titles of interest. Imhotep the African by Robert Bauval Available September In this ground-breaking book, Egyptologist Robert Bauval and astrophysicist Thomas Brophy uncover the mystery of Imhotep, and ancient Egyptian... Continue Reading →

Steam on the Horizon

When the boiler explodes on the airship Lucky Lady, killing three men, first mate Gavin Roberts finds himself in the crosshairs of one of the most powerful men in Europe. Sir Cornelius Smothers, an iron-fisted shipping tycoon, has lost his youngest son in the boiler explosion and he holds Roberts responsible for the accident. Determined... Continue Reading →

Rescue OR, Royer Goldhawk’s Remarkable Journal

Another new title for the steampunk enthusiast ... When Royer Goldhawk witnesses a fly-by kidnapping, he becomes inextricable entangled in a madman's plot to break the barrier to another world and harness an unimaginable power. With the help of his friends, Royer embarks on a mission of rescue and revenge that will lead him across... Continue Reading →

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