Josh Gates … engaged

Congratulations Josh! The young lady’s name is Hallie. For those of you out there that are devastated by this news, I am still available — just saying.

gates engaged

Not sure what the republican in the picture has to do with anything, but I have to give Gates points for style.


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  1. Well I have to say I never knew who this man was until tonight when my friend called me to let me know how excided she was to meet him in woonsocket RI. She said the show was great but she never felt so bad until his girl grabbed her arm and said (You need to put that away) She and 99% of the other people were snapping pictures of him. She said they allowed pictures but no video. Maybe his girl thought it was video or maybe she doesnt know the difference between a camera or an iphone. Here is a married woman in her 40s with children nearly 200 pounds being shot down by a jealous girl. Sorry but this wont last just my opinion.

    1. I always thought Josh & Ryder would end up together too!! They are both so funny, seem to enjoy the same hobbies, & had great chemistry. But I do wish Josh & Hallie a wonderful, happy life together!!

  2. yeah, I thought Ryder and Gates may have become a couple, especially after she let her hair grow out and her attitude changed, it almost seemed they were flirting on Destination Truth. Though I am disappointed I wish them all well.

  3. It would be nice to see Hallie’s face,,,,in the 3 pictures I’ve seen of her, she has her hands covering her face,,,,,,,,strange,,,,,,,,

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