Angry Druids

King Arthur Pendragon King Arthur Pendragon

A SENIOR Druid is campaigning against plans by English Heritage to display human remains at the new Stonehenge visitor centre.

King Arthur Pendragon says that remains excavated from the world heritage site should be re-buried, and models and replicas put on public display instead.

The £27million visitor centre at Airman’s Corner is due to open later this year with a large exhibition space aiming to give visitors a better understanding of the history of Stonehenge and its significance.

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stonehenge (Photo credit: nyaa_birdies_perch)

I can imagine how he feels. The body of the St. Bees man may be connected to my family and I feel uncomfortable about the thought of it being on display. Having said that, Pendragon’s neo-pagans, who take their inspiration from what they believe ancient pagans practiced, sound like anti-intellectual Christian fundamentalists.

Stonehenge belongs to the world and it’s mysteries should be explored, debated, and analyzed. It should be a source of inspiration for the young and the young-at-heart. If you want plastic skulls, there is always Disney World.


3 responses to “Angry Druids”

  1. fluffyluggage Avatar

    Wow! What a heritage you have! That’s really cool. We believe that we may be descendants of the Romany Gypsies on my Mom’s side and we’ve been told we are descendants of Henry VIII. And even more surprisingly, we know we’re descendants of President Taylor! But getting back to the subject at hand, I understand exactly where you’re coming from and I think you have a great point. I’m not sure what I’d feel about it, but I think I’d be pretty conflicted myself if it concerned me… I think it’s a difficult situation to be in and I’m not sure what the answer is. It seems rather macabre and perhaps unwise to display the bones. But it’s rather inauthentic to place plastic and fake stuff there just to show what was there… but I agree that the secrets of Stonehenge should be explored and revealed… perhaps photos of the explorations could suffice? Along with some documentation on the research following the explorations to explain what it all means?

    1. Barry Huddleston Avatar

      No Gypsies in my family, but being a military brat, and moving all over the place, I feel a kinship with Gypsies lol. I guess that I would have more sympathy for this Druid’s cause if he didn’t travel around calling himself the reincarnation of King Arthur. *wink*

      1. fluffyluggage Avatar

        Yeah! Lol I have his book and the whole thing is a little … odd?… to say the least. Haven’t managed to get through it all yet but ya know. Whatever. Lol 😉

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