Ben Hansen claims to have seen a UFO


Ben Hansen, host of the canceled parashow “Fact or Faked,” claims to have seen a UFO flying over the skies of Huntington Beach, CA on May 3, 2013.

I was stretching from my workout, I looked up to the sky. Nearly directly above my head at about 70 degrees altitude from the southwestern horizon, I instantly focused on a triangular shaped object traveling at a very quick pace toward the northeast. I quickly ascertained that the object was a craft of some sort and not birds flying in formation because at each point of the triangle was a large white sphere. The spheres and craft traveled in perfect coordination as if it was part of one solid structure.

Did Ben see something or was it a desperate attempt to be relevant in the eyes of paranormal enthusiasts? Whatever you may think of Ben or his credibility, you have to admit that Ben knows how to fill out a UFO sighting report.

For Ben’s complete report go to:!ufo-sighting-5313/cn9s

If I remember correctly, the FoF team in Season: 1 Episode: 7  of Fact or Faked Haunted Mansion Mist / Starlight Intruder “Fremont UFO” debunked a similar claim as a nocturnal hang glider with lights. Maybe it was just another hang glider giving the former FoF leader the finger?