The return of Debby

debby reaganSome of you may remember Debby when she contributed articles to Gnostalgia a couple of years ago. She has agreed to return and help Gnostalgia readers think outside the box. It’s a win/win for Gnostalgia readers, not only will we benefit from her insights, but she can’t win so many of my giveaways (evil grin).

Looks like Gnostalgia is going a little green and Pagan.

Author: Barry Huddleston

Your steampunk lodge of the retro-future

One thought on “The return of Debby”

  1. LOL…tyvm Barry for the cute welcoming! I certainly hope that Gnostalgia readers will like my contributions! And that now they also have more chances to win at your give-aways! *VBG* I’m really happy to be back! 🙂

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