Syfy or the paranormal channel?


victorian ghost41013

Syfy or the paranormal channel?

Tonight Syfy will give us a southern paranormal show called Deep South Paranormal. I’m stunned! Whatever happened to my idea for bikini ghost hunts? Oh well!

My fear would be that the show devolves into a fiasco bashing southerners and would go out of it’s way to present southerners in a bad light. I really don’t think that we need a Honey Boo Boo of the paranormal.

That being said, it looks as though the Syfy channel has decided to double down on it’s paranormal shows.  Ghost Mine has just been given the green light for another season. They will also create, or rerun, a show called Dead FamousDead Famous was a program that aired 2004-06 and attempted to contact dead celebrities. No word yet if it is a rehash of the same show or something new?

Joe Rogan Questions Everything will start July 16. As you can tell from the title Joe Rogan will investigate the paranormal.

/fnord I am off to my Illuminati meeting to gather more disinformation /fnord

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  1. I need to watch some more ghost shows. Good ones, not the ones where they say ‘I think I saw something moving. Yep, the cotton reel moved across the floor. This place is SO damn haunted!’

    1. I know … oh well, at least it has some entertainment value.

  2. Have you ever seen one that I think is called Celebrity Ghost Stories? they had one with David Carradine (a while before his death, although after might have been more interesting :P) about his wife’s dead ex-husband’s ghost hanging around the house, and kind of liking him. It was kind of fun.

    1. I watched a few of those. Those Hollyweird people are some strange birds. lol

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