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Heirloom Modern

Another new book to land in your favorite bookstore is “Heirloom Modern: Homes filled with objects bought, bequeathed, beloved, and worth handing down.” It sounds like the kind of book a Neo-victorian, steampunk fan would like with ideas of mixing antiques with modern furnishings.

A look inside the homes of today’s stylish new “heirloomists.” Proclaimed as “the New Antiquarians” in the New York Times, Hollister and Porter Hovey are proponents of an aesthetic that puts Ralph Lauren, the Royal Tennenbaums, and a whole lot of taxidermy into a tarnished silver cocktail shaker and mixes it all up. As the principles of Hovey Design, they work to integrate nostalgia, adventure, and history into the home. In this book, the sisters pull back the velvet drapes on the model ships, antique book collections, and vintage Vuitton trunks that fill the homes of today’s chicest heirloomists and flea-market lovers, and give readers a visual taste of this eclectic, generation-hurdling aesthetic. This book opens up the homes of individuals and couples to show how they use décor to give their residences a sense of history and autobiography. The Hoveys venture into the apartments, cottages, and townhouses of artists, architects, designers, furniture makers, and landscape designers, who seamlessly integrate inherited keepsakes, tag sale curiosities, collections and memorabilia, and contemporary art. Inspiring in its eclecticism, this book introduces readers to a new kind of modern.

Having said that, don’t invite the “Haunted Collector” into your house.

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Monster Files

redfern monster filesNick Redfern, one of the CROW award winners for 2012, has a new title coming out soon, “Monster Files: A Look Inside Government Secrets and Classified Documents on Bizarre Creatures and Extraordinary Animals.”

This one is on my reading list and I will let you know what I think of it. Having said that, Redfern’s stuff is excellent!

There have been persistent rumors, tales, and legends for decades that government agencies—all around the world—have been secretly collecting and studying data on bizarre beasts, amazing animals, and strange creatures. Now, for the first time, the full, fearsome facts are finally revealed in Nick Redfern’s The Monster Files.

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