Barry’s mailbox

Okay, if you have read this blog for any length of time, you know of my epic battle with the mailman (or anyone who delivers my books). However, this week I felt bad for my FedEx guy.  I live in Florida which can have all sorts of weather extremes. On this day, I had a cold windy day so I locked the storm door.

A squall blew in just as the poor FedEx man drove up. He rang the bell and stood in a heavy rain unable to tuck the book between my door and storm door. When the doorbell rang, Peppy lost his mind (as usual) and tripped me repeatedly on my way to the door. If looks could kill, the look that the waterlogged FedEx man gave me would have been terminal. This week I received, “Nebula Awards Showcase 2013” by the good folks at Pyr.

In my email inbox:
I’d love to send a copy of the book (Single Effort) to you for review.
answer: No thank you. A book about adjusting to single life isn’t for me.

In addition to that book review request, I received a couple of spam book review requests.  To the spammers, don’t bother — if you are too busy to take a minute to learn my name, why would you think that I would spends hours or days on your product?

I am currently reading “Wizard’s First Rule” at the demand of my nephew. It’s his favorite book series and it is killing him that he can’t share points without spoiling the story. I think I’ll drag my feet and torture him just a little…


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