I cast my votes for the Rondo Awards for 2012.  In the write-in area for best reviewer of 2012, I wrote in myself (evil grin). Another write-in area asked for writer of the year and Artistic design, I wrote in Julie Ferguson and Sharon Day (Zombie Housewives). 1. BEST MOVIE OF 2012 THE HOBBIT: THE... Continue Reading →


Barry’s mailbox

I received a pair of new books this week courtesy of the author Elizabeth Watasin. The Dark Victorian: Bones In a Victorian mechanical and eldritch London, a black arts surgeon is ripping out the bones and organs of healthy poor folk to transplant into the afflicted bodies of the wealthy. Anti-vivisectionists battle with medical doctors,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Actors: Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rufus Sewell Directors: Timur Bekmambetov (Barry's score 3  stars out of 5) Buy @ Amazon Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy) First, I must admit a certain bias for bad movies. Some people enjoy... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Tai Chi Zero

Tai Chi Zero Actors: Yuan Xiaochao, Angelababy, Qi Shu, Daniel Wu Directors: Stephen Fung Format: Color, Dolby, NTSC, THX, Widescreen Language: Mandarin Chinese Subtitles: English Dubbed: English (Barry's score 4 stars out of 5) Buy @ Amazon Tai Chi Zero Product description: As an uncommonly gifted child, Yang Luchanhas a fleshy abnormality that holds tremendous... Continue Reading →

Intrepid Paradigm (T)his crowd funding campaign to expand the efforts and overall reach of INTREPID MAGAZINE [...] to produce a multi-media magazine in this way, focusing on subjects that are typically shunned by mainstream news sources.   Consider donating to the Intrepid Paradigm or I'll speak to one of the local Voodoo priestesses and have her... Continue Reading →

Book Cover Art: His Clockwork Canary

His Clockwork Canary: The Glorious Victorious Darcys How is this for a beautiful cover? Expect to see this little gem land in your favorite bookstore around June 4, 2013 or click the link below and order it from Amazon! His Clockwork Canary: The Glorious Victorious Darcys For ambitious engineer Simon Darcy, winning Queen Victoria’s competition... Continue Reading →

Book cover art: The Casebook of Newbury & Hobbes

Expect to see this book hit the shelves about September 24, 2013! I wonder if the encounter with Sherlock Holmes is a re-print of the story in Encounters of Sherlock Holmes ? Hmmmm ... A collection of short stories detailing the supernatural steampunk adventures of detective duo, Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes in... Continue Reading →

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