Barry’s mailbox

19 Feb
Barry’s mailbox

Throughout the annals of History there have been those memorable battles; Hector and Achilles, Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa, Wyatt Earp and the Cowboys, and me and the mailman. On the plus side, I’ve received a copy of “Nevermore – a novel of Edgar Allan Poe and Allan Pinkerton” courtesy of the author Brent Monahan ( On the downside, my mailman still hates me. Of course, I’ll have to review this title. It looks awesome…

mailman hatesme

autograph monaan

Only one of history’s most famous detectives – Allan Pinkerton – could investigate the death of one of literature’s most famous writers – Edgar Allan Poe. In this fictional imagining of the events following Poe’s death, Allan Pinkerton, a real-life embodiment of Poe’s own sleuth C. Auguste Dupin, embarks on a journey into the life and mind of the author and poet to uncover the secrets of Poe’s life and untimely – and mysterious – death.

Nevermore – a novel of Edgar Allan Poe and Allan Pinkerton

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