Barry’s mailbox

This week the good folks at Titan Books sent me a review copy of “Encounters of Sherlock Holmes.” Let me tell you about synchronicity, a friend suggested that I try the author James Lovegrove. Within minutes of that suggestion, I received an email asking me if I would be interested in a copy of  “Encounters of Sherlock Holmes” with a Holmes story by James Lovegrove. I was so stunned I had to show my friend the email. Life can be strange indeed. Expect to see the book hit the bookstores in late February. I’ll have a review long before it hits the shelves — I love Sherlock Holmes tales.

I have had several ebooks sent to me this week. Sharon Day was kind enough to send me a copy of her ebook “Growing Up With Ghosts” (link). She has sent me several advanced chapters and I have enjoyed what I have read.

R. S. Hunter has sent me a copy of his ebook “The Exile’s Violin” (link) It looks like a solid steampunk adventure and you know my weakness for steampunk.

Riverdale Avenue Books sent me an ebook of  “Avalon Revisited” (link) by O. M. Grey. There seems to be a little buzz in the steampunk community about this book so I have to try it.

In addition to these books, I bought about 4 or 5 more. To get an idea of what I buy, check out my twitter and Facebook accounts. Looks like a good collection of books, I should have reviews of some of these titles up in a couple of weeks.


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