If steampunk is the future

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source http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/if-steampunk-is-the-future-please-kill-me-now

I was reading the article by Clive Martin “If Steampunk Is the Future, Please Kill Me Now” and saddened by the vitriol targeted at steampunkers.

Steampunk is both retro and futurist in the worst ways you can be either thing, it’s stubborn but also pretentious, twee but tyrannical. They’re the worst blend of sci-fi fans and 1940s tea party types; people who ultimately aren’t looking to the future at all, but to a bullshit past that never existed.

Clive, chill out … Nobody is going to go all steampunk borg on you and force you to wear a top hat and goggles. Let other people do their own thing.


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  1. Mr. Martin reveals himself to be a Progressive when he cites “1940s Tea Party types” as throwbacks looking to a past that never was. (A good analysis of Conservative and progressive worldviews is given in my Conservatives are from Mars and Progressives are from Venus.) As such he will not be mollified by Barry telling him not to worry – he won’t be forced to participate. The essence of the progressive worldview is like any cult, they have a monopoly on Truth. Mr. Martin isn’t worried he’ll be forced to participate, he’s outraged anyone else could be allowed to believe in something that doesn’t denigrate the Reactionary past or glorify a Progressive future. To Progressives, the past = a dark evil time of oppression. The future (if their reforms are adopted) = a Golden Age. Since Steampunk glorifies the past and suggests returning to that style/culture (at least in part,) for ideological purposes it is to be shunned by all true Progressives. This is not a matter of taste, it’s a religious-philosophical imperative. (Although Progressives would deny to the death they had any “religious” convictions.) The guy needs to stop being so serious and have some fun. But religious and political fanatics don’t much go in for that. Nor can they laugh at themselves, as most of us are currently doing at Mr. Martin.

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