What’s Barry up to?

No new books found their way into my mailbox. I’m sure that the mailman is quite happy with the brief break. I am currently reading Hunt for the Skinwalker.

TV show: I’ve finished watching Midsomer Murders series on Netflix.  It was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Now I’ll have to find another series.

Beverage: Earl Grey over ice.

Food: Mom’s pecan pie and vegetable soup (today was leftovers day) .

Peppy: He’s been a good boy, although, he is a little loud barking at passersby.

Game: I’m waiting for the extra chapters of Star Wars Angry Birds.

Music: Professor Elemental, what can I say he makes me laugh.

Awards: at Roses and Vellum nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award (link) You should give her a visit; she always has interesting posts.

Let’s see — 5 odd things about me. What if everything about me is odd?

  • I’m left-handed
  • In my youth, I was a choirboy
  • I’m nearsighted
  • My favorite fiction character is Horatio Hornblower
  • My first nickname was Pali (Hawaii)



One thought on “What’s Barry up to?

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  1. I think it’s cool that you were a choirboy! And even cooler is that you dig Horatio Hornblower. I have always loved those stories. And I am a big fan of Admiral Nelson as well. Pali is a fun name. 🙂

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