Steampunk Conventions for 2013

Here is a small list of steampunk conventions for 2013. If you have a convention (or a change of information) that you would like to have added to the list, add it to the comment section below and drop me a note. I’ll be happy to add you to the list.


2 thoughts on “Steampunk Conventions for 2013

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  1. Ryu-Kon 2013 comes to Niagara Falls, NY!
    Join us July 26-28th, 2013 at The Event & Conference Center Niagara Falls, located at 101 Old Falls Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303 for a weekend you will never forget. The theme this year is Steampunk! That means that, this year, we will have more Steampunk activities than usual. This perfect new location right on the NY side of the Rainbow Bridge to Canada is our huge new building, which will hold fan panels, pro panels, workshops, cosplay, Anime Screenings, Large RPG events, The Glow in the Dark Anime Rave, Voice Actor activities, contests, exclusive Ryu-Kon games, such as Human Katamari Tag, Not a Japanese Game Show and more. Then head over to the 32,000 square foot Mother Ship of the con- Dragon Plaza. Here you will find hold vendors, artist alley, Center Stage, the Giant Life Sized Game Room, Ghibli Village, the Table Top Gaming Center with open game play, the Table Top Tournaments & Demos area, where you can compete in tournaments, such as Magic: the gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! & more. Learn a new game with Steve Jackson Games, Privateer Press, and Coopers Cave. Visit the Video Gaming Lounge with open play plus our video game tournaments and DDR tournaments with our Arcade Style Steal DDR Mat, The new Healthy Shinanigans area with all your favorite dance and fitness gaming with open play plus tournaments and is the home of the 2013 Dance Off. Stop by Zombie Headquarters, check out The Steampunk Fashion Show, The Formal Steampunk Ball, cosplay competitions, Karaoke, The Fabulous Face Hairs Competition, The Steampunk Gadgeteer Exhibit, the 2013 Celebrity Comedy Show, Improv shows and more. They will even be closing down the Street for the first annual Ryu-Kon Anime & Steampunk Parade! Then on Sunday, prepare for the event of a lifetime- The Ryu-Kon 2013 Extreme Treasure Hunt, which is the activity that inspired the slogan- One Con….Two Countries!
    Trust me, you do not want to miss this shindig!
    For details, registration information, times and more, visit our website at

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