The ghosts of paranormal Christmas yet to come

old houseI have to confess that I don’t watch the parashows with the ferocity that I once had. It’s not that I am no longer a paranormal geek (BTW check out the book Paranormal Geeks by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson) but rather it is the lack a fresh angle to the paranormal shows.

If you want an entertaining show with a lot of silliness there is a program for you, Ghost Adventures. If you are interested in paranormal infomercials, Ghost Hunters has changed from it’s ideal of helping people to shameless huckstering of alleged haunted locations.

Ashley TroubI recently learned that our favorite barista was booted from the Ghost Hunters show. I guess Jason couldn’t mold her in the Ghost Hunter ideal “what was that? — did you hear that?” Isn’t it sad that the most stable paranormal team on TV seems to be the Ghost Adventures team?

I think this latest personnel shuffling with Ashley Troub is a perfect example of why I seldom watch the show. If you pick a person, shouldn’t you invest the time to train her up and give her a fair chance to earn her spot on the team? I think a lot of fans realized at first sight that Ashley was not the person for the show, but once you’ve made your pick, it’s only fair to give her a chance. Of course, it isn’t about the passion of ghost hunting, but all about ratings, money, and demographics.

What does the ghost of paranormal shows yet to come have in store for us? Josh Gates has a new show called “Stranded — The show features average paranormal enthusiasts who are stranded in some of the most haunted locations in America and record their experiences with handheld cams.” The show sounds like Scariest Places on Earth narrated by Linda Blair. While I like Josh Gates, couldn’t Syfy give us something new?

Notorious Hauntings — supernatural investigations from around the world or a re-make of the defunct (though not officially) Ghost Hunter International with a little dash of Destination Truth tossed in. Ghost Mine or the paranormal version of Discovery’s Gold Rush Alaska. What’s next, the paranormal housewives of the rich and famous? Dancing with the Bigfoots?

I guess the best thing about paranormal TV is that like Ashley Troub’s career they go away quickly.

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  1. Autumnforest says:

    Hmmm… Glad new shows, not sure, but at least they’re not that godawful psychic one or the any more involving haunted objects.

    1. I’m still waiting Dancing with the Bigfoots!

  2. Formulaic is certainly the word here. The same old, same old is what we get. I really thought the fad would have burned out about 2 years ago. I too am very interested in things paranormal due to my own personal experiences. But there’s just so much that a show can be built around before repetition sets in.

    I must admit that nothing I’ve seen can surpass the original Scariest Places On Earth. It was the prototype for all that followed. Yes, parts of the show were probably contrived, certain events might have been faked in order to scare the participants–make that victims–but it just gave me the creeps. Everything came together in just the right way. Linda Blair’s introduction, Zelda Rubenstein’s creepy little voice, the background low key chanting etc. all combined to start my spine tingling. It was fun and fresh.

    It was unfortunate when shows started bringing in the demons along with their nemesis the exorcists, obviously fake mediums etc. That’s when it hit the bottom of the barrel.

    I still watch some of these shows occasionally (does anyone really believe these celebrities when they recount their experiences? They are actors, after all.) But the thrill is gone. Speaking of which–I think I will hold a memorial service for the Biography Channel. It was interesting when they actually presented biographies of the rich and famous that had nothing to do with the paranormal. That channel really needs to change its name. Pity. Another one bites the dust.

    1. I have to admit a little guilty pleasure watching Scariest Places On Earth. Hell, I’ll even admit to enjoying Most Haunted. I think that the saddest part of paranormal TV is that the shows that appear are those not picked by paranormal geeks but TV producers and network execs.

  3. Brenda says:

    I think GH time is up let another show with a fresh angle to the paranormal in that time slot. I hate that arogant dude in charge of the group. I feel sorry for poor Grant to put up with him for eight years. They never gave Ashley a chance they used her to take Amy’s spot. GA is a better every show is different not boring like GH.

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