DVD: The Woman in Black


The Woman in Black

My birthday rolled around, and though I asked people to not send me gifts, I received a few birthday presents. Among those presents was the DVD of “The Woman in Black”, I will say that Sharon understands me. As for the others, if you have to give me something, maybe you should coordinate with each other before giving me a year’s supply of Earl Grey Tea.

Let me first admit my bias, I love Gothic horror, the Victorian era, and Hammer Films. That being said, as you might imagine, I loved “The Woman in Black”.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a man who is tormented by the lost his wife. He is assigned to travel to Eel Marsh House to settle an estate. While in this isolated rural village, he is tasked to solve it’s ghostly curse.

I suppose what I liked most about it was that it had the feel of a Hammer Film Productions from the 60s. I felt a certain nostalgia watching The Woman in Black.  The weird vibe, as the movie slowly built, was perfect.  While I admit that I jumped a few times, the dark suspense was the most terrifying part of the picture.

I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


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  1. Sharon Day says:

    I can officially say that I know you. I loved this one too! I was craving atmosphere and location. I really want that home and especially the nursery. In my dream world, I would have a writer’s office that has all those old automaton toys.

  2. hypnobarb says:

    This one totally creeped me out and I’m a ghost hunter.

    1. Great spooky vibe … very old school creepy.

  3. Sharon H says:

    It did make me jump out of the chair several times. Nice to see an old fashioned ghost story and not something that is called “horror” today, with all the blood, guts, gore etc. This movie shows that excellent writing and a very spooky atmosphere can produce a very frightening film. Best movie to come along since “The Haunting” (old b/w version with Julie Harris).

    1. Hill House the dead are restless! I so loved that movie. I talked to my nephew about this movie and he thinks the Liam Neeson version was old. When I told him that there was an older (and better) black and white version, he couldn’t believe it. lol

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