Ghost Adventures Season 7 Episode 1 Central Unit Prison

Ghost Adventures Season 7 Episode 1 Central Unit Prison

Ghost Adventures Crew
Ghost Adventures Crew (Photo credit: Qimuktis)

Zak, Nick & Aaron investigate the recently closed Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, Texas. Having just watched the new season episode of Ghost Hunters, I was amazed at how much Ghost Hunters has become a version of Ghost Adventures.

If you are a fan of Sharon Day’s Ghost Hunting Theories (link) and her “Ghost Adventures drinking game”, you may have been sober after watching this episode. The boys seemed a little more focused and serious with this investigation.

Zak seemed to monologue through most of the first half of the show with a few interviews with anonymous witnesses. I was stuck by the desire of the witnesses to remain anonymous. I was also disappointed that Jeff Belanger didn’t make it on camera.

English: Jeff Belanger media photo
English: Jeff Belanger media photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can you have someone as well known as Jeff Belanger on site, but not have a few minutes to put him on camera? By the way, Belanger’s “The World’s Most Haunted Places” is excellent despite the minor error I found. Any author that replies with an “ugh” when you point out an error is worth sticking with. I was also disappointed with the lack of camera time for Aaron.

All in all, I enjoyed the episode even though it was not their best.

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