In my mailbox: Reaper

Earlier this week I told you about receiving the book “Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop” and the rubber chicken key-ring swag. This morning I found a rain-soaked package on my front porch. I don’t know why the UPS dude can’t take a few seconds to tuck it between the front door and the storm door. At any rate, the interior was wrapped with plastic and dry.


Reaper is set in a world a breath away from our own. After the death of her mother, Wendy is attempting to fill her mother’s shoes and discovering that the prospect is far more difficult than she ever imagined. Learning that she is part of a powerful and ancient family of Reapers that her mother had forsaken is just the first surprise – Wendy soon discovers that the San Francisco Bay Never is filled with political powers and factions both previously unknown and completely mysterious to Wendy. Since both her mother and Piotr are gone, Wendy must struggle to maneuver between the machinations of the dead and the dark intentions of her living Reaper family.

Eventually betrayed and made sick unto death, the clock is ticking before Wendy will fall – she has only a matter of days to unravel the mysteries her mother left behind and to convince her wary family to accept her as one of their own.

I am still working on pecan pick up duty, but there really isn’t much left. The squirrels have devoured this seasons pecans. With tropical storm or perhaps Hurricane Isaac coming, I doubt that I would have gotten very many pecans anyway. I just hope that it doesn’t damage my oranges.

I snapped a pic of one of the little bastards hanging upside-down eating my pecans. They have little fear of Peppy and will actually drop nuts and pieces of pecan on him.

Now, I just have to clean up the place for Sunday breakfast.

Author: Barry

A knight is sworn to valor.

2 thoughts on “In my mailbox: Reaper”

  1. I have an oak tree that becomes very popular in autumn. I’ve seen as many as five squirrels in the tree at a time, pulling off acorns. Dino, the Wonder Dachshund, considered squirrels to be his personal enemy and would go batsh*t crazy trying to chase them. He knew it was unfair that squirrels could climb trees and he couldn’t. Daisy, the dachshund I have now, knows that she’s supposed to want to chase the squirrels. She’ll start in their direction and then double back and hide behind me, just in case they decide to chase her.

    At least you’ve got more reading material, in case the power goes out.

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