Ghost Hunters International: Ghoul School: American Samoa

This week the GHI team traveled to American Samoa to investigate a ruined girl’s school. I wonder if the visit is in an effort to turn the location into a paranormal tourist attraction? The team arrived in true Destination Truth style, an old purple bus. I guess that’s the plan for future tourists to the location.

Kris and Barry see some shadows. They see movement in the woods and a white figure. Kris is weirded out by the sound of crickets and they hear a growl. Barry raises his voice and the crickets stop. Kris speaking to the king spirit says, “If crickets are the best you can do, that’s pretty lame”. Her taunt is followed by an immediate down pour of rain.

Paranormal? I don’t think so. The movement was probably wind gusts from the approaching rain. The crickets? That is pretty much how they behave in my neck of the woods. The growl? Thunder in the distance?

My laugh of the night came when Paul went all Lizzie Borden on a bamboo stalk. Either it was a tough stalk or a dull machete, but Paul had a very hard time chopping it down. I got a chuckle at Joe Chin seeing glowing eyes in the jungle. Joe, for future reference, there are animals in the jungle.

Of course, the gift that keeps on giving, Susan “look at me” Slaughter had to be the center of attention again. This week something poked—caressed—groped her “BEE-HIND”. Her description changed over time, but I think she settled on groped. At least she didn’t have to open a vein to get attention.

The team managed to collect some evps and light anomalies. Having said that, the anomalies may have been camera problems. All in all, this wasn’t one of their better shows.

Author: Barry

A knight is sworn to valor.

4 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters International: Ghoul School: American Samoa”

    1. dnt even think about tryin the manuan islands. i am a true manukan and if you really intend on doing the manua islands, you will be taken away forever. trust me..

  1. manua islands..the most haunted island. dont even think about trying it kause you will be taken away. trust me i am a true mark my words.

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