Ghost Hunters International: Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize

In this episode, GHI returns to Belize to investigate the Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins. I can’t understand why the producers of the show want us to believe that the team traveled to France (last episode) only to return to Belize? You would think that a show like GHI would be a little more honest. At any rate, it is a minor complaint.

I loved the tour of the Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins and I would like to have seen more of it. I really couldn’t understand the show’s fixation with sacrifice and blood-letting. I guess the producers felt that the blood-letting angle would attract more viewers?

Of course, the star of the show Susan “look at me” Slaughter had to be the center of attention and participate in a blood-letting ritual. I couldn’t help but think of the now defunct paranormal show Extreme Paranormal, who buried a team member alive, cut bars, and set fire to a floor. Was Susan’s bloodletting a jump the shark moment?

Barry seemed so involved with Susan’s ritual that he appeared to have momentarily lost control of his team. Scott and Paul were wondering around doing solo investigations. Joe and Kris stayed together, I guess their old Ghost Hunter training kept them paired.

The best evidence collected was an evp that said, “Pedro’s not here.” I guess its a good thing that ancient Mayans speak English. Having said that, I really couldn’t understand it without the text at the bottom of the screen.

About the blood-letting Kris tweets, “F**king Stupid”, “Looks like might be the only sane person in this group tonight.”, “Investigators should also take in consideration the kids at home watching”, “Love you guys and apologize for tonight’s madness.”.

Jason Hawes tweeted, “I spoke against it when other show did the same. People need to think about kids who may watch& try what they see. I’m with @KrisWilliams81“, “I Agree with u Kris. We would have never. RT @KrisWilliams81: Investigators should also take in consideration the kids at home watching.”

While Kris may complain about blood-letting rituals in paranormal investigations and setting bad examples for children, I have to wonder if she thinks wearing a seat belt improperly sets a good example for children?

Forget safety! Let’s not hide the goods behind a seat belt!

Author: Barry Huddleston

Your steampunk lodge of the retro-future

3 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters International: Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize”

  1. Barry,
    Kris and Amy have both said that they are miked in a way that their seat belt over their boobs causes audio problems. Amy says they always move it back. Tweet Kris and ask her. She talks to everyone.

    1. That doesn’t excuse wearing your seat belt incorrectly. If Kris wants to lecture other ghost hunters about setting examples for children, I think she needs to start with her own actions. I’m sure that a professional sound person could find a place to put a mic that wouldn’t involve wearing a seat belt in that way.

      Look, I have no problems with Kris’ cleavage (I like Kris’ cleavage). If she thinks that the show needs a little cleavage to help the ratings that fine with me. Just don’t be a hypocrite about dangerous behavior.

      I don’t think that it is too much to ask for TAPS to stop talking on walkies-talkies while driving, and wear their seat belts correctly.

  2. There was a lot of discussion about the ritual among paranormal investigators after the episode aired. I asked myself, would I be willing to engage in a blood letting ritual of the sort shown on Ghost Hunters, in the same setting?
    Yes. I wouldn’t hesitate.
    Doing the things that the ghosts did in life can stimulate paranormal activity. If I cut myself with an obsidian knife and bled a small amount into a bowl to be burned with incense, I would be doing what they did. I would not be doing it with the intention of making a sacrifice to some moldy old god, but with the intent of drawing the ghosts in.
    Over the years, I have thrown a birthday party for a child ghost, put one on a behavioral program, done cleansings with sage, tingsha bells, salt, and white candles, played vintage music, sprayed lavender mist into the air, sung hymns, sat on the floor and played with a toy tea set, and probably a whole bunch more that I don’t recollect at the moment. All of it is intended to stimulate paranormal activity
    As for Kris’ side comments about Susan, why did they air them? Is the idea that some sort of catfight would be good for ratings? I think most of us appreciated it when they stopped airing scenes about how Brian was screwing up after the first couple seasons.
    Regarding her use of a seatbelt, if she’d worn it in the appropriate manner, it wouldn’t have displayed her assets properly. Whether she likes it or not, Kris is a lightweight investigator. I have seen no evidence of leadership, judgment, or investigational skills that merit her being co-leader.

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