Sexiest men of paranormal TV

Last year I ran a poll for the sexiest woman of paranormal TV. Jael de Pardo won by a large margin. This year I thought that I would run polls on both the sexiest man and woman of paranormal TV.

Cliff Barackman
Cliff Barackman
James Bobo Fay
James Bobo Fay
Matt Moneymaker
Matt Moneymaker
Ashley Cowie
Ashley Cowie
Barry FitzGerald
Barry FitzGerald
Ben Hansen
Ben Hansen
shirtless Zak Bagans
shirtless Zak Bagans
Joshua Gates
Joshua Gates

35 responses to “Sexiest men of paranormal TV”

  1. What? You didn’t list Bobo? How can this be a valid poll without the Big Foot imitator on the list?

    Did you notice that Bobo has this weird thing going with animal names? When he got attached to that rabbit that they were using as Big Foot bait, he referred to him as Bunbun. When he brought the babboon to use as a Big Foot provoker, he called him Boonboon.

    He calls himself Bobo. This is weird.

    I am deeply grateful that you left Jason and Grant off the list.

  2. That’s not right they should of put a better shirtless pic of zak becaus u can’t see that handsome face because its blurry but I like cliff 2

  3. I think cliff is winning because he put vote for him on his website nothing bads about that but zak should win, I mean come on people

    • YEA I KNOW NOT FAIR BUT ❤ U CLIFF BUT ZAK SHOULD WIN its just he looks a little better nothing against u cliff but your both totally awesome

      • I totally agree 😉 zak is like way better looking u should go on google images and look up a little better pictures of him, but this website is super cool though 😉

  4. I love finding bigfoot but even though cliff is my favorite on the show I agree I think zak should win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I really don’t know who to pick I just cant wait to see the winner but that zak shirtless did help guide my choice but its still tough

  6. my friend told me to come here and vote so I did and im like blown away that cliff is winning and not zak im like WHAT that’s not making any since, I need to go get more people to vote for zak

  7. Why in the world does cliff get half of the votes, and zak not all of them, I think this world has gone completely mad

  8. this is a little weird that cliff gets that many votes, I mean he does have a good personality well along with zak bagans of course but its still a little creepy

  9. For Cliff You’re sexy and we know it. Girls look at that body. Girls look at that body. He works out. He’s got passion in his pants and isn’t afraid to show it. He’s sexy and us voters know it. Congratulations sexy Cliff!

  10. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm just because finding bigfoot has more populaurity than ghost adventures doesn’t mean that cliff should win, because I didn’t know this was a smartest competition because if it was then I would vote for cliff but no not for this competition because for this zak should so win and if not I might just be blind because again I didn’t think was a smartest competition

  11. I really hope zak wins because my friend will go completely mad and I don’t want her to do that cause she will yell for days and that will gives me a headache

  12. come on zak is super cute, I think they should do a poll with who is cuter ZAK nick or arron, that would be so cool and they would get a ton of page views, no joke

  13. is it just me or does cliff and bobo smile similar anyway u go cliff and u go zak but kind of shocking results, anyway good luck to the both of you but I did vote for zak, but the both are soo funny and have a great smile, its just I wouldn’t vote cliff for this one 🙂

  14. cliff is nice
    bobo is funny
    matt is intelligent
    zak should win
    Joshua gates keeps on giving me the evil eye in that picture
    barry fitz Gerald is someone I don’t know
    Ashley cowie has kinda good hair
    ben Hansen has kinda good hair

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