2011 CROW Awards

Crow Award (Creative Reads by Outstanding Writers) — It’s that time of the year when I put together my picks of great reads. Basically, I pick out books that I have read and reviewed but were not necessarily written in 2011. These titles should make excellent gifts for the Christmas season.

This year I had planned to have my blog buddy Debby pick some of the winners, however, Debby has moved on the other projects. Before she left, she picked one CROW Award winner.

The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook

by Karen Harrison (read the review) It’s another of a long string of great titles by Weiser Books.

This year’s collection of Crow award winners are both fiction and non-fiction. As you know, I love steampunk and neo-victorian stories, those titles are well represented.

The Bookman

by Lavie Tidhar (read the review) I would also add “Camera Obscura” They make an excellent one-two punch.

Jason Dark Supernatural Mystery Collection 1

by Guido Henkel. Henkel could have dominated a large chuck of my CROW Awards. I wondered how I should list his ebooks, should I lump them together or award individually? Fortunately, Guido has pulled some of his best stories into one ebook.

Ghosts, Spirits, & Hauntings

edited by Michael Pye (read review). Must-read essays on the paranormal. Publisher: New Page Books.

1,000 Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art

by Grymm and Barbe Saint John (read review). Excellent collection of steampunk art.

The Witches’ Almanac, Issue 31

Perfect gift for the esoteric minded person on your gift list.(read review)

The Witches’ Book of the Dead

by Christian Day (read review) As with so many other Weiser titles, this book may make you rethink a lot of things.

Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed

by Philip Gardiner (read review) Agree or disagree with Gardiner — you are forced to think outside the box. New Page Books

Zoo City

by Lauren Beukes (read review) Great title by Angry Robot Books.

A Magical Tour of the Night Sky

by Renna Shesso (read review) This book got me off the couch and stargazing.

The Ancient Alien Question

by Philip Coppens (read review) I feel kind of guilty admitting that I enjoyed this book better than Von Daniken’s books. Sounds like heresy doesn’t it?

The World’s Most Haunted Places Revised Edition

by Jeff Belanger (read review) Does it get any better than Belanger? What’s better than something by Belanger? ***Ahem*** finding a mistake in a Belanger book (evil grin).

The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York

by Charles Leland (read review) Beautiful book for your coffee table.

That is my 13 CROW Award winners for this year. As publishers go, I have to give the nod to Weiser Books. They managed to crank out scores of excellent books. It’s been a great year — Happy Holidays — everyone.

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