My thoughts on GHI ‘Rising from the Grave: Trinidad’

When I first saw the title, I had to wonder if “Rising from the Grave” was a reference to their ratings.As it turns out, GHI traveled to Trinidad for a one hour long infomercial (syfymercial) of Liponet plantation.

The show continues to stick to its normal format. In this case, Susan reads a brief summary of the investigation while the GHI vans are cruising to the location. I got a bit of a chuckle watching the vans negotiate the narrow road with a sheer drop on one side.

Susan depicts the Comte Charles Joseph de Loppinot as an evil slave owner who murdered his slaves by hanging them from a cashew tree. However; “A Book of Golden Deeds Of all Times and all Lands” by Charlotte Yonge (1823-1901) paints a different picture of the alleged evil slave owner. Yonge describes the man as kind to his slaves and that his slaves protected him during a slave revolt. You can read about it here.

Count de Lopinot, an old officer in the army, who had settled with his wife upon the island, had been so uniformly kind to his slaves, that their hearts were with him; they rose for the protection of him and his family, and when the way of escape was open, entreated him to take them all with him, to live and die in his service. The place chosen for his retreat was the English island of Trinidad, where he obtained from Government a grant of waste land among the mountains, to be selected by himself. The centre of Trinidad is so mountainous, as to be still uncultivated and unsettled, and the Count was forced to take with him his bodyguard of faithful negroes, to cut a passage for him through the tropical forest.

If I could find this in just a few minutes on Google, why couldn’t anyone on the GHI team or staff? Or could it be that the GHI team and staff did know about it and decided that an evil slave owner was a better story?

The team interviews the staff at the plantation and we learn of the great balls of fire at the Arouca River. I promptly jumped into my Jerry Lee intimation. Scott Tepperman and Joe chin investigate the river and bumble with their equipment. They see someone on the thermal camera and call two of the four other members of the team to check their location. As it turns out, the thermal hit was of the two members of the team that Joe and Scott forgot to call.

The real hoot of the show was Susan at the hanging tree. She pointed to sap on the tree and thought that it looked like blood. Sadly, it seemed that no one noticed that the alleged hanging tree was not two hundreds years old. In fact, a quick google search will show that the alleged hanging tree died and another tree was planted. Why let a minor detail like that’s not the tree mess up a good ghost investigation?

The team managed to collect an interesting light in the night sky. Sadly, they chose to play steel drums rather than ask an expert what the odd light may have been. Thanks Barry, that’s what I call leadership.

The team also picked up a growl in the cave. However; it is a cave in the jungle. Once again, asking an expert would have been a good idea. Judging from the sound I’m thinking it may have been a cane toad.

All in all, it was pretty entertaining. I thought that Susan’s theatrics were hilarious.Showing us a thermal of Susan’s leg, to show us that nothing was there, pretty much summed up the whole episode.

Best line of the show was from Susan, of course. “If you must you can grab my arm of anything else.” Oh Susan, you little ghost teaser!

On to the next!!!


3 responses to “My thoughts on GHI ‘Rising from the Grave: Trinidad’”

  1. Adsila Avatar

    Thanks for that charming review, tee hee. I had the show on but it became background noise while I downloaded and trimmed my photos from our recent trip. I only watched the reveal. Apparently I didn’t miss too much.

    1. Barry Huddleston Avatar

      No you didn’t miss much but part of it were funny

  2.  Avatar

    I’m very disappointed in GHI the last 2 seasons! I have no idea what happened to Rob and the other investigators (who did a better job). I think it’s time for Jay and Grant to pull the plug.

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