Review: Ghost Hunting 101: A Guide for Beginners

Ghost Hunting 101: A Guide for Beginners
by Gregory Branson-Trent
Publisher: New Image Productions

( 4 stars out of 5 )

Product Description:

Ghost stories are probably as old as the human race, and the Greeks and Romans had their fair share of them. Writings from the 1st century AD recount one contemporary haunting.

Every night at a mansion in Athens in Greece, the ghost of an emaciated old man was said to appear, rattling iron chains. The occupants abandoned the place and no one would buy or live in it. Then the philosopher Aethenodorus rented the house. Aethenodorus, sometime tutor to the young Augustus who later became emperor of Rome, was not to be trifled with. Sending his servants away, he lit a lamp and sat down to write.

In the middle of the night the clanking sounds began, but Athenodorus simply ignored them. Then the ghost appeared at the door, but the philosopher merely signalled it to wait. Impatient, the ghost stalked forward and began to rattle its chains over his head. Athenodorus followed it outside, and when the ghost finally disappeared in the courtyard, marked the spot with leaves. The next morning, he called upon the city magistrates to dig up the ground in the place he had marked, and they found the skeleton of a man in chains. When the remains had been given a proper burial, the haunting promptly ceased.

Ghosts and hauntings have been around throughout history but many choose not to believe. Think about what your views are and after reading this book, see if you change your mind.

Ghost Hunting 101: A Guide For Beginners, takes you out of your comfort zone and into the world of ghosts. It explores the process of ghost hunting and all the equipment used and gives beginners a stepping off point. This book is easy to read and has basic instructions for anyone who is ready to cast fear aside and hit a haunted house or cemetery.

Included in this book are the subjects of: What Are Ghosts And Spirits, Types Of Ghosts, So You Want To Go Ghost Hunting, Intro To Ghost Hunting, Ghost Related Terminology, Step By Step Procedures, Taking Ghost Pictures, Audio And Video Recording, Forms And Questionnaires, Where To Look For Ghosts, Common Ghost Hunting Mistakes, Science And Ghost Hunting, Famous Ghosts, and more.

The question is, do you believe?

My thoughts

This may be one of the worst covers for a book that I have ever seen and between you and me that’s saying something. You really have to struggle to read the title of the book. But, as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Ghost Hunting 101 is in its second edition for a reason.

The book is packed with the basic information for the fledgling ghost hunter. I think some of the best information came from his “Twenty Common Ghost Hunting Mistakes.” “Never whisper. Always speak clearly, especially if you’re recording the ghost hunt.” I guess the biggest thing that I took away from this book is the major difference between ghost hunting and paranormal TV ghost hunting.

The book is packed with b/w pictures. The print is large, the fonts are clear, and the content is well-organized. I didn’t like the inclusion of the alleged Rose Hall haunting.

While the people of the Rose Hall legend existed, the story is based on 1928 novel “The White Witch of Rose Hall.” The names of people in the legend were composed of different generations of Palmers. The Annie Palmer of the novel and legend did not exist; she was the creation of author H. G. de Lisser. I hope this was dropped from the revised second edition.

Despite its flaws I recommend the book. All in all, it is an excellent book and I give it a solid 4 stars out of 5.


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  1. Very good! I know the author and he’s meticulous and methodical. I appreciate his extensive research and his logic. He really gets how to put it there and make it easy to get. I smile about the whispering. I recently ran a ghost hunt at a very haunted location and reiterated the instructions about whispering and one of the “experienced” ghost hunters said “Oh, I hate when people do that!” and then proceeded to do it for the next 3 hours, nearly screwing up all the recordings. Luckily, I made her stay outside the building for a period of time, allowing for us to get some good EVPs without wondering if it was her. hee hee

  2. I read the first edition a while ago and it is worthwhile for a newbie.

    Cracks me up about the “don’t whisper” during EVP sessions. I had one team member who just plain couldn’t keep her mouth shut, let alone not whispering. I began fining her a quarter for every time I had to give her a reminder. By the time I had about $15, it actually sunk in. We used the money towards another digital tape recorder.

  3. Is anyone from here going to the American Ghost Society Conference in Jacksonville Illinois on 6/10 and 6/11? I’ll be there next weekend along with the psychic on our team. It’d be great to meet up and swap stories. This is the fourteenth consecutive year that I’ve gone and there are some impressive speakers.

    Last year, the most interesting presentation was from a group of paranormal investigators who do underwater investigations of wrecks and such. Regardless of what Josh Gates claims about being the first group to do an underwater investigation, these guys were there first.

    The AGS conference has always been a good opportunity to network and learn about new techniques and equipment.

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