Review: Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)

Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)
by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson
Format: Kindle Edition

(4 stars out of 5)

Product Description
Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) offers a new perspective on abandoned sites, as a psychic and a photographer explore 12 forgotten locales in the Sonoran Desert. Sharon Day utilizes her psychic skills to read objects at each site, while Julie Ferguson photographs the accompanying stark compositions. Together, the images and stories from the past bring life to these now-dead locations. If you’ve ever wondered about an old run down building and what it was like in its heyday, ever wanted to see inside a psychic’s visions, ever wanted to wander the remote desert, then this book is for you. It is the first in a series, which will be followed by “Vanished Cities” edition coming out this summer.

My thoughts: The cover art is by Bryan Wayne and his work grabs the reader and sets the mood right from the beginning. Having said that, I think that I would like to have seen some color on the title fonts.

Ferguson’s photography is amazing. The images that she captures will stick with you for some time. Visit her blog at “Above the Norm” for a sample of her amazing work. On the downside, the limitations of the kindle come into play and Ferguson’s photography is not displayed in the fashion that it deserves.

Sharon Day, using her psychometry skills, gives us a dozen reads ranging from a swing set to an abandoned train. I guess the one that really stuck with me was “Man of the Family” (Abandoned Stables). “He may not possess any sentiment, but every day his family knew that he did what had to be done and they could count on him, just like the desert sun that arrived every morning brutally early and remained until late in the day. This was how he showed his love. ”

I couldn’t help but think that some men express themselves more accurately with their silent rituals than those who verbally proclaim their love. I have to admit that I enjoyed these little insights into the lives of these people who left more than they expected behind.

As with anything else, you will have to form your own conclusions as to the accuracy of Sharon Day’s psychometry. I enjoyed every minute of it. I would like to see the kindle step up with color. This kind of ebook cries out to be seen in color.

I give it 4 stars out of 5.


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  1. Thank you. I’m glad you read the book and enjoyed it. I’ve always written either nonfiction or fiction, but this is without category. A psychic read is limited to a scene in time and the insight into one individual whom the psychic reads. As far as being verbatim accurate, it can’t be, but I did read these scenes and portrayed them as accurately was was possible when one does not get every word of what occurred. I have to admit, I admired the man of the family very much and his read was the most clear one for me from a psychological standpoint. The colorful couple from the abandoned motel were the most interesting and complex reads. The little girl and the swing set troubled me the most. It really brought home to me the variety of people in any given place at any given time. The types of human experiences are so differing that it makes for an interesting world and, in this case, hopefully an interesting read.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and great review. We would have loved some color and will explore doing just that in our future books. It was interesting to be a part of watching Sharon read each object in all the different abandoned places we found on our crazy road trips.

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