Yes my mailman hates me even more

Oh yes, my mailman hates me. Today he delivered a box full of great gifts from over at Above the Norm in the middle of a thunderstorm. He had to walk to the front door in a heavy rain, but he was nice when he handed the package to me ( I wonder what he was REALLY thinking ). Special thanks to Adsila for the prize, I enjoyed the contest.


3 thoughts on “Yes my mailman hates me even more

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  1. I’m glad everything got to you in one piece. I did go a little overboard with the bubble wrap but didn’t want anything to break. Sorry your grumpy mailman wasn’t happy having to bring it to your door, but it is his job (rain, sleet and snow). Again, congrats on winning!

  2. Hey, now you have a proper shot glass for Ghost Adventures drinking game nights and they have the Madam Tussad’s episode in Vegas on the 8th. Better get yourself a bottle of tequila and be prepared.

    1. If I see those guys walking around with a TriField meter and yelling that they are getting spikes one more time, I’m going to do something rash. They are supposed to be experienced investigators and then ignore the fact the EMF detectors are sensitive to motion and will spike just by moving one around. The TriField meter is especially so.

      Or when an experienced paranormal investigator is using an EMF detector and declares he’s getting paranormal readings while his partner is using the walkee talkee.

      Amateur mistakes.

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