My thoughts of Ghost Hunters 7.3: “Century of Hauntings”

Ghost Hunters 1.440 million viewers,( down from the1.481 million of last week) found itself badly beaten by Top Chef and Dog the Bounty Hunter.The show is barely holding on in the top 10 rated shows for Wednesday. As a result GH seems to be grasping for ideas from other paranormal shows.

GH has made a big deal of its new van and I couldn’t help but think of Ghost Labs’ van. In this episode, GH goes without their camera crew — you know like Ghost Adventures.

Voas House, MA
Knocks, the sounds of alleged footsteps, whispers. Let’s be honest. In a house of that age, I would be surprised if we didn’t hear some odd noises. A loose window pane and a gust of wind — footsteps? A draft — a whisper?

USS Olympia
I had high hopes for this one. I liked the shoulder-cams and I hope to see more on that sort of thinking. A noisy ship is a tough investigation, this is a perfect case for a long-term investigation in one place so you can weed out the usual noise. I have to say that it is an interesting location and I enjoyed seeing it.

I think that the GH cast and crew could benefit from reading “Was That a Ghost?” by Sharon Day. Maybe we should all chip in and buy the GH cast and crew copies — it would improve the show.






6 responses to “My thoughts of Ghost Hunters 7.3: “Century of Hauntings””

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  2. autumnforest Avatar

    Oh yes, I want to whip them into shape. They need new life and it doesn’t come from adding young blood. It comes from attitude and adventurous and curious nature and dynamic changes and adaptation.

    1. Barry Huddleston Avatar

      You go girl! We need to start a paranormal boot camp!

  3. SharonH Avatar

    Very observant post about copying the techniques of other shows.

    I don’t think anything can save this show at this point. Jason and Grant in particular look jaded. Jason’s “Let’s get outta here” remark after a lot of the client reveals seems to indicate an “I don’t care” attitude and IMO is very rude.

    To me, the death blow had occurred with the famous collar pull of the live show. It forced many people to take a second look at what was going on and made them question the entire production. It has been dying slowly since then, newer concepts notwithstanding.

    Maybe if they would submit their evidence to experts in the audio/visual and related fields (not anyone particularly interested in the paranormal) and then film the results this would give the show a boost. Their refusal to share evidence has always been a huge detriment and arouses suspicion of and by itself.

    Every season people predict it will be their last, yet they keep on plugging. Seems SyFy is afraid to let them go.

  4. SharonH Avatar

    I forgot to add that it is definitely true about old houses and knocks etc.

    Some rats (!) decided to find their way in through holes in an old foundation. I am not kidding when I say that I had heard hard knocking, 3x each time, then silence, then 3 more times etc. It’s like they can count. Also, noises from the basement were so loud one night that I took a broom with me as a weapon to see if I could find the “intruder”. Rats again.

    Doesn’t GH ever consider these common rodents? Believe me, they have fooled me into thinking it was either a living human or a ghost.

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