Ghost Hunters and Pennhurst Asylum

The Ghost Hunters show started with a season premiere rating of 1.745 million viewers, but the Pennhurst episode slipped to 1.481 million viewers. The GH show was narrowly beaten by Face Off (1.490 million viewers). It would seem that the new paint is not helping the show.

The episode began with Jason and Grant as plumbers. Amy calls them with their new case. I guess that it was lucky that cameras and a sound man was there when Jason and Grant got the call. Come on guys! Isn’t it time that we dropped the faux plumbers act?

The Pennhurst Asylum was an interesting location. I would be hard-pressed to find a creepier location. I remember the Ghost Adventures investigation of Pennhurst and I was eager to see what the GH team would do with it.

The GA team covered a story about a person looking out a window. They discovered that the curtains in the window were protected by a metal screen and couldn’t be moved. This lead the team to believe that the sighting was paranormal. However; one of those screens was the source of a bang that Steve and Tango heard. That would seem to cast doubt on GA’s findings.

Amy and Adam debunk some odd sounds as coming from cattle in a pasture nearby. Maybe the next GH gear will be a “See and Say” — the cow goes moo. The GH team collects some poor quality evps ( a giggle ) and hear odd sounds.

On the plus side, the location and the look at the new GH van was interesting. Next week GH will investigate with their production people, you know like Ghost Adventures.


3 responses to “Ghost Hunters and Pennhurst Asylum”

  1. Aldyth Avatar

    They seem to be trying very hard to inject some life into the old show. They brought in some new equipment, but we’d need to see some results. Still a lot of the same old “Did you see that shadow move from right to left”, without anything on video to back it up.

    Next week, they’re going in without a production crew. Let’s see what happens with that.

    As for Face Off, I’m surprised it’s getting such good ratings. Between Face Off and the other idiotic reality shows Syfy has been trying, along with wrestling, I’m watching less and less there.

  2. autumnforest Avatar

    The cow goes “moo.” Oh, God! You crack me up. I still say they need to add more new tools to their kit like those cool x-ray glasses you could send away for as a kid and see the color of the girl’s panties on the playground. They would look spiffy too and work about as well as the K-II.

    1. Barry Huddleston Avatar

      I may have to put together my state-of-the-art ghost hunting gear with a “See and Say” and x-ray specs. “What was that sound! I don’t know — let’s test it against the ‘See and Say!’”
      *The pig goes oink*
      “No, that wasn’t it — pull the string again.”
      I’m using my specs to see beyond the wall for paranormal activity. Where’s Kris?

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