Barry Klinge hammers Ghost Hunters

Barry Klinge of the canceled Ghost Lab program hammered the debut of the 7th season of Ghost Hunters.

OK. I really tried to give them a shot but if I hear “did you hear that?” or “I think I saw something” one more time I am going to vomit. And we got canceled. WOW. Congrats guys. You have pulled it off yet again. They definitely stepped up the turn the lights off montage.

My first thought was sour grapes. Later, I realized that he was saying what most of us have thought or said about Ghost Hunters. Check out Everyday Paranormal and the mutiny for more opinions of the paranormal world by the Klinge brothers.


7 thoughts on “Barry Klinge hammers Ghost Hunters

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  1. I have to admit, I was THRILLED when Ghost Lab first came out because that is the concept behind my entire blog–theories and testing them! It was just that they are soooo abrasive and annoying and all testosterone/male/equipment with one female “bait” on the team. The reason his show didn’t make it was that he was not a scientist with researchers. At least J&G are amiable and folksy and not running around with loud voices and big egos. He has a point about TAPS. I am totally TAP’d out. Let’s move on. Instead of going to the hunt, let’s get someone to do a show that brings the hunt to them–talk to me TV exec’s, I have ideas and breasts (apparently neither of which they’ve asked of their other shows).

    1. I would LOVE to see an intelligent woman heading up a paranormal program. Sadly, many male viewers want their female investigators with jiggle and giggle.
      I think Ghost Lab’s biggest problem is that they didn’t bring enough new things to the table. I think that you have to try different things, bring in different experts, and get a good discussion going. I don’t want everyone of the team saying the same thing or agreeing with the big shot of the show. I want hear different opinions.
      I want to see Jay or Grant declare a place haunted and the show have enough balls to let someone of the team disagree.

  2. I enjoy watching Ghost Hunters, I guess, because it’s the most accessible “paranormal hunt” show for me. (I must admit that I’ve never heard of Ghost Labs). The guys are ” folksy”, but I have to say that their ad-libbing is truly uninspired and kind of cringe-worthy. This season, they amped up the cringe factor by beginning the shows doing plumbing work, and they’re interrupted by a phone call from someone to tell them about an investigation they’ve been invited to do. Why? They’re not actors. Ugh.

  3. Just an addition to my last comment : They don’t seem to get a whole lot of hard evidence of paranormal activity. They’ve certainly never captured–to my knowledge–apparitions. Maybe they should change their tactics.

    1. But GH has captured apparitions, might have been on the three or so shows you have missed.
      Why I like GH:
      ”America’s Most Haunted”, the blonde would never SHUT UP & Derek was always in a trance…and ”something” was always tossing rocks or (american) pennies (in Ireland) at the blonde…maybe the spirits wanted her to shut up too…How could an audience even hear anything with her constant gibberish.
      Ghost Lab…hmmm, well they were too ”in your face” for me, as one writer said, way too much male ego. I do agree with them though that you can take a ”tough” stance if you are wanting something to ‘happen’ with spirits, I mean you are just as likely to Not get something happening either way.
      Ghost Adventure…I DID like them when they first started out (when they ran from the flying 2×4 in the basement of the old building), but now Zack just seems to do too much acting. Aaron is cool, when a non-working elevator opened and allowed him in and then closed…was funny, but was it scripted; maybe because no one mentioned it after it happened.

      I wish they would cut out the sound effects music, how am I suppose to hear something when they are filling the quiet moments with dramatic music?

      Personally, my fav is still the GH crew (thankful they cut Brian, I wanted to turn Him into a ghost).
      I also will not say, on an investigation, ”if you want us to leave, make a sound and I will go”, uh, aren’t we there to get interaction/reaction…so just when we get it we . . . l e a v e ? Don’t think so.

  4. hey i liked all of the ghost shows,and as far as ghost lab I think if only the brothers would just hunt for ghost and let their crue check for them yea, hunt all night thencome in and then checki think the show would still be on now talk the networks for another try ty

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