Ghost Hunters 7.1: “Haunted Town” my thoughts

Jason and Grant rolled out their seventh season of Ghost Hunters last Wednesday night.  I have to admit that I enjoyed it a bit more than many of the GH episodes of the last couple of seasons.

In reaction to ever dropping ratings and multiple challenges from new paranormal shows, Ghost Hunters has slapped a new coat of paint on the old show.

I enjoyed the new intro and commercials for the show. Did I miss something or have the names of the cast been removed from the opening credits?  I realize that the cast of GHI have been dropping like flies but GH? The intro shows Jason and Grant with an intense but somewhat vacant stare into space. I couldn’t help but think of that same stare by Zak in the Ghost Adventures intro.

I have noticed that the GHI show has taken on a more Ghost Adventures look and feel. It seems that Ghost Hunters is also adopting some of the GA features. Jason has dropped some weight and he is dressing a little more like Zak. More and more of the locations investigated by GH are declared haunted with less and less evidence. Its looking more like the GA tail is wagging the GH dog.

Despite the new paint, the show still has the same old bones. They use the same tools like the modern-day Ouija board the K-II meter. Nothings says scientific better than blinking lights.

This week the team tackled the “Haunted Town” of Alexandria, Louisiana. I got a chuckle out of Adam and Amy ( yeah another sign of the old bones with static teams) and the moving laser pen. Amy thought that the movement meant something while Adam pointed out the complex concept that round  things occasionally roll. I haven’t seen anything like that since Paul of GHI got excited over the movement of a straw in a glass of ice water.

Steve and Tango investigated a set of stairs in which a ghostly girl allegedly trips people. Tango tripped himself and Steve laughed at his clumsiness.

There was very little evidence collected in this episode, but the town was declared ‘haunted.” I’m sure that the city’s tourist board is thrilled with the outcome of the investigation. I guess that the hotel will be a great place for future Ghost Hunters conventions ( not that something like that ever entered their minds — evil grin).

This kicks off a new marketing plan that I think is very clever, a sort of dueling haunted towns. Submit your haunted town and GH will announce a winner. I can just imagine towns all over America competing for that paranormal dollar.

At any rate, it was a fun show.

Ratings for this episode: 1.745 million viewers- 1.1/2 HH- 0.7/2 A18-49


4 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters 7.1: “Haunted Town” my thoughts

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  1. I admit that I actually looked up and watched a few minutes when there was signs of excitement and reaction. The reveal with the town was weird and I couldn’t help feeling like I was watching one of those moneymakers the team does in its down time where they go on hunts with large groups and talk at conventions. It just felt weird and wrong. Are you going to go before a chamber of commerce and tell them their town cannot attract paranormal vacationers? I don’t think so. You’re right about them slapping the haunted label on things. And, they are having their cast jump and scream a bit more. And, they have entirely the wrong redhead on their team. Dopes!

  2. Some problems with their practices : I still don’t understand why there’s the “all lights out” protocol. Can someone explain that to me? How can they see shadows in the dark? Don’t they create shadows with the flashlights and camera lights? Doesn’t it make more sense to try to recreate the scene in which someone experienced a paranormal event? Many people see visions, but they’re never captured on the show. Is it perhaps because it’s too dark to see the visions? EMF readings are high around electrical sources. Shouldn’t they turn off the power source (fuse box) in order to cut down on any possible interference?
    They seem to have some success with spirits turning on flashlights. Why wouldn’t that be, then, the first thing they try?
    When they hear a voice on the recorder, they assign words to it that just don’t sound like what the voices are saying.

  3. Interesting review. I haven’t seen the episode except for that town hall ending where the residents seemed so happy that their town has been declared “haunted”. This will probably translate into tourists and $$$. I would be happy too!

    Jason has been losing weight for quite some time now. Ditto for an earring (is he still wearing one? I didn’t notice). He certainly looks more fit and trim.

    Christina has brought up some excellent points. Since there have been many claims of people seeing apparitions and other activity during the day, the need for “lights out” doesn’t seem to be a necessary component. In fact, people would be more inclined to misinterpret objects in the dark. Also one cannot rule out that our brains are trying hard to make sense out of surroundings where vision is poor and it may literally start playing tricks on us. Add the creepiness factor in and there is a psychological setup to see and hear things that might or might not be there.

    The one unique practice that Ghost Labs brought to the table was to turn off all power to a building, not just to turn out the lights. I would think this is a necessary thing to do in order to rule out many sources of interference, yet no one else to my knowledge has practiced this technique other than GL.

    The flashlight business is ludicrous and laughable. There are blogs and videos from people who show how easily the on and off effect can be accomplished. The simplest is good old fashioned editing, but it can also be done in other ways as well.

    Blinking flashlights and EMF meters are nothing more but modern versions of the Ouija Board, and just as reliable.

    One more thing which we will never see happen-do not tell anything about a building’s alleged paranormal happenings before an investigation is about to take place. Other than being able to look up supposed hauntings on the internet, let the team go in blind, so to speak. It would be most interesting to see if anything they find actually matches what others have seen or heard.

    Now that would at least lend a more scientific air to their endeavors, but for obvious reasons it’s something we will never see happen. After all, this show and its siblings constitute entertainment, not actual research.

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