My thoughts on Ghost Adventures Valentine’s Special: Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

Zak falls for love
Zak falls for love

My favorite para-omedy ( paranormal comedy ) show was a big hit with me last night. Although, Zak seemed to take the biggest hit by showing us that ice is slippery. That has got to be the best paranormal slapstick that I have seen all year.  While watching Zak writhe in pain was funny, it was only a small part of the yucks in store for the Ghost Adventures viewers.

The show began with a discussion of some titillating parts from previous GA episodes. Of course, they played clips from “Chelsea Lately” and Joel McHale’s “The Soup” poking fun at Zak. I got a big laugh at Zak’s confusion with the terms  incubus and  succubus. Better watch your butt Zak, that incubus may still be following you.

The Historian Lee Swanson must have wondered what she had walked into while dealing with Zak’s jokes over the word seaman. “Where are you guys from?” Yes Ms. Swanson, we have all wondered about that sometimes.

The cast managed to pick up a few evps, but nothing really solid.

The show wrapped up with Zak retiring to the ghostly room for a BOO-ty call. We see him leaving a note the next morning. That should drive some GA fans to Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in hopes of reading Zak’s note.

It was a blast, I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. The show replays tonight on the Travel channel at 9pm eastern time.


13 thoughts on “My thoughts on Ghost Adventures Valentine’s Special: Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

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  1. I laughed a lot too. I loved seeing The Soup episode again where Joel was making fun of the incubus/succubus show. That still makes me laugh as did Zak falling on his ass after slipping on ice. I think he had a thing for that ghost woman and really wanted to make a connection. I hope someone checks out the place, finds what Zak wrote, and does a post on it.

  2. That seriously was a keeper. The guys got smart and realized a couple seasons into it that people were laughing at them, so they decided to do what anyone who wants to survive does–adapt. Now, they laugh at themselves first and it’s brilliant. Their show is three guys going into spooky places and getting worked up. It’s frat-house feeling, but damn if it doesn’t work! They attack it like the viewers would, scared, unusually brave, not sure which what’s going to happen next. Zak seemed to be getting unusually pleasured by that episode and I loved when he chased the woman up the stairs with his awful prose. It was wonderful.

  3. I didn’t see the show, but your take on it makes me want to watch as I need a good laugh. Zak’s “possessions” were always a fun thing (he’s a terrible actor) but now it sounds like they are turning to slapstick comedy. Anything for ratings, I guess.

    Their concept of just 3 guys minus a regular tag along crew was and still is a great idea, IMO. The over-the-top reactions if they do find something provides great entertainment. And who can forget that live show featuring the guy with that big contraption! He allegedly was caught throwing the device that was in his hand and then covering his oops moment by claiming it was the work of a spirit.

    All in all, a funny show. Plus we have Zak showing off his physique for the ladies….

  4. I love Ghost Adventures!!! Especially the Valentines Day Special…I thought it was awesome n very funny at the beginning! I love how Arron gets scared like a baby(no offence u r still pretty awesome)..I love how Zak makes the spirits come out(Zak is awesome..well they all r)..N i like how Nick gets the feelings to go in a certain room(well sometimes he does) They all r awesome.But I LOVE the Valentines Day Special soooo much!!!

  5. Zak Bagans can’t sing.When he was doing poetry to the other women was weired because one lady was annoying Zak and when he was almost done with the poetry a man came down.

  6. Zak Bagans is a bitch. I love how they threw into the Dinner Script “Mr. Muscles over here.” while Zak answers “Who? Me?” as if he’s all humble. And then thirty minutes later he has to turn the whole horny ghost thing into a competition between him and Aaron… as if he knew the ghost would want him more. That douchebag fishes for attention and adulation with all the subtlety of an atom bomb. Here’s Smartasses take on Zak-


    1. i think i saw some of it on travel look for it and u mite find it!!! this episode was my favorite. Zak singing, Zak falling on his ass, and saying a poem 2 that lady and saying “not the plan.” after he saw that ladies husband. Zak is so cute!!!!!!!!! i wish i could be on the show with them! it would be awesome!!!

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