Amsterdamned GHI

Ok, my predictions for the “Amsterdamned” episode didn’t work out. Although, in my defense, I think my version of the show would have been better. GHI’s ratings continue to slip, this week they dropped to 1.234 million viewers. The ratings problem may cause the team to string together a series of “jump the shark” moments.

Was is the deal with Kris and Barry? Are the producers of the show going for a hinted romance to help stir up some ratings? Is Kris just flirting? Is this a professional way to act in front of a client? Are they going to announce their engagement at the end of the season?

I was disappointed to see that Susan didn’t morph into Derek Acorah this week. Perhaps those shots were edited out? Oh well, we still have a few more episodes for that to happen.

Case #1: Huiseen House, Netherlands
The location was interesting and I liked what I saw with the debunking. With a smaller location, they were able to make better use of their camera angles and caught the wind tunnel effect that had caused the chandelier to move. Barry played an ipad app that sounded like a piano ( in my best southern drawl I said era cues !!!)  and they believed that they heard footsteps. Paul thought that he heard his name called. All in all, I think that they did a pretty good job with this investigation.

In my opinion, haunted no — money pit yes.

Case #2: Ijmuiden Fortress

Once again, another interesting location for the team. I was surprised that they mentioned the disappearance of Britt. As you know Britt was fired after using some troubling language in a radio interview.

The team collected evidence like a hand print that can be seen using black light. Interesting but not paranormal in my opinion. They collected some poor evps — once again I am not impressed. I imagine that sounds do some funky things with those bunker walls. They chased a few shadows— once again I am not impressed.   They did manage to catch what they called  self-illuminating UV lights.

While the lights were interesting, to me the lights seemed to be camera pixel errors.  I imagine that those cameras take a beating with all of that travel.

Barry declared that the location was haunted and once again my jaw dropped.  Oh well, on to the next one …


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  1. I boycotted the show so appreciate your review. I suspect in order to salvage the show the producers will kindle a romance for those that like that “human” factor approach or fabricate some demons and faux ghosts and evps. I am sure they are not above fabrication in order to salvage some dollars and increase viewers after all they are producers and business persons not paranormal researchers.

    I was not aware that Britt commented his way out of a job with any salty language. Will have to check that out.

    Keep us posted and let us know if you see GHI becomes a vestige of Dark Shadows with romance between the living and dead or the boring and more boring.

  2. Their standards for hauntings are really really low. A breeze coming in a window–definitely a ghost! Yeah, I don’t even bother anymore. I started to watch it and when Kris began giggling and hiding behind Barry, I thought “where the frag is Jason to chew her out?” He went after Brian for running away like a pussy and yelling “Run Dude!” and there’s no one to chastise Kris. That was just total cheese. I feel sorry for Barry. He seems to take this whole thing quite seriously. He needs a research team of scientific professionals and not wanna-be TV personalities and creepy goth girls who think they’re psychic.

  3. I liked the show but I miss Robb still. But if things go well everyone will find there new jobs a better fit. All we can do is hope that the Syfy people will let them have some of the freedom back.

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