Deadwood, Ghost Lab’s final show

Did anyone else find the title “Deadwood” kind of ironic for Ghost Lab’s last show?  Well maybe it’s just me. I guess 13 episodes a season was a bad omen?

I have to say that I thought that Brad and Barry didn’t handle it very well. One more paranormal show down and the few remaining slowly circling the drain.

Where did they go wrong? There are far to many things to single out. For me, it was the claim that “era cues” was a Klinge theory. No, they renamed the “Singapore Theory” or the “Theory of Familiarization” as their own. Working the phrase “era cues” into what seemed to be every other sentence was driving me crazy.

GL’s “electronic net” was almost laughable.

On the plus side, the locations were good, the narration by Mike Rowe was excellent, and the special effects were good. I guess GL’s problem was that they didn’t bring anything new to the table.


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