Is Susan slaughtering GHI ?

Is Susan Slaughter slaughtering GHI or has the new direction failed? When the “night of the long knives” came out for the GHI cast, the reason given was ratings. The ratings have been slipping and the “powers that be” decided to move in a new direction. That direction seems to be more of a Ghost Adventures style of show.

Recently, Susan Slaughter has re-introduced her alleged psychic abilities. These abilities led to an almost psychic meltdown during the S03E03: Unfaithful Spirit: Germany investigation, like Zak’s multiple  possessions on Ghost Adventures.

Will the new Susan Slaughter bring an ailing GHI back to life or slaughter it? You judge by the numbers.

Season 2 Episodes
January 2010 – February 2010
2.6 million viewers
1.744 million viewers
1.810 million viewers
2.132 million viewers
1.656 million viewers
2.014 million viewers
1.629 million viewers

July 2010 – August 2010
1.346 million viewers
1.494 million viewers
1.388 million viewers
1.394 million viewers
1.352 million viewers

January 2011 –
1.475 million viewers
1.675 million viewers
1.268 million viewers

Short of her  little goth head spinning around on her shoulders and spitting pea soup would I ever believe that she was possessed.

We have Susan’s imitation of Zak, and we have Paul with a power drain as we have seen with the GA cast. We saw Britt ask Joe if he heard something only to interrupt him before he could respond, as we have seen with Zak and Aaron. If GHI continues to imitate Ghost Adventures, they will never be anything more than a poor GA imitation.






20 responses to “Is Susan slaughtering GHI ?”

  1. Michelle S. Avatar
    Michelle S.

    Yes. Susan is slaughtering GHI. That was probably the most laughable episode of GHI ever (in my humble opinion.)

    1. Christina Avatar

      It seemed as if she was putting on an act when the group investigated the Usher opera house in Edinburgh. Her behavior was kind of irritating. She began cursing at the entity–not very professional behavior.

  2. autumnforest Avatar

    I was admittedly very so embarrassed for her antics. As a psychic, it embarrasses me to admit my abilities because of people like that who go into histrionics, possession, panic attacks. Even if she does possess talents, she is not mature enough to handle her skills. I caught the tale end of one of the guys getting lightheaded (vasovagal reaction upon standing). Trying to pull some Ghost Hunters characters out and put them on the show to give it continuity after sooooo many changes in cast does not help. The new strangely animated Kris is creeping me out. The woman had the flattest affect of anyone I’d ever seen, chronically depressed, I guess? And now she’s working hard to smile and giggle and it’s so forced that it’s like they put a Stepford Wife in her place. I miss Robb. He at least would go into a room alone and have a one on one with the ghosts. It was compelling to watch and he was very genuine. I have hunted for a very long time and I have to admit it’s the most boring thing in the entire world. You add to that people who aren’t trained to be in front of cameras and long nights with no activity and you have a lot of bad reality tv. Ick!

  3. Allen Words Avatar
    Allen Words

    Susan’s inexperience has shown even when she was on GH and has taken that to GHI, she alone can’t save the show this season with the revised crew and the theatrics will be the coup de grace in killing it.

    When you look at viewer numbers, I don’t know about you but in my area new season GHI series are shown at the earliest at 10:00pm, sometimes 10:30pm and even 11:00pm so does SyFy think they would actually garner viewership with those hours? Those times are as idiotic for viewership as the “MAJOR” change from SciFi to SyFy. If that is the crowning achievement the channel’s CEO can do the channel is doomed. Why are there countless reruns of Stargate and Star Trek in time slots that would best serve GHI in allowing more viewers to watch it? It’s like SyFy wants GHI to fail but their countless reruns of old tv series in prime time forces my viewing choices elsewhere .

  4. Andrea Avatar

    I think GHI needed a change but this one was so wrong for the show. I don’t think it’s going to be on the air much longer.

  5. Candy Piper Avatar
    Candy Piper

    Susan Slaughter isn’t good for GHI. She pulls the show down when she trys to use her so called psychic ability. If she would get some training on how to use the psychic stuff she could make people believe her ability. But she has no understanding of the things she is forceing of the rest of the world. If the team had been sit up to use a psychic and she explaned thing like the other team members do maybe it could work but the way she has been aloud to do things is a mistake that if not stoped will kill the show. All we ask is some fun and help understanding the field .

  6. mary Avatar

    Susan Slaughter is ruining the show–she acts (?) like she is auditioning for a part in a play. Her emotions are like a full injection of Botox. Come on guys – fix this show. I have been a faithful viewer– but I can hardly stand it anymore. I keep watching hoping it will get better.

  7. Steven Avatar

    Susan is a bad actress, and that makes her psychic ability look fraudulent. In any case, I would look at the casting director and fire him/her. If that was the best they could do, GHI will not be long in this world.

    But Susan isn’t the only downfall. Paul makes me want to gouge out my eyes and all of the “tingling” going on this season just make it all look that much more fake.

  8. Lyn Beckwith Avatar
    Lyn Beckwith

    Susan Slaughter is pathetic. Seems like she’s auditioning for Ms. Cleo’s hotline, instead of actually investigating. Isn’t it amazing how she things only when the camera is pointed elsewhere as well as her teammates attention? Last weeks “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Just made me want to (Oh My GOD!) strangle her…or Gag her with a spoon! I was immediately chanting a mantra at my television. “Shut up! Shut up! OH MY GOD SHUT UP!”
    Sure enough, it was an entity that no cameras caught, and she was quick to point out how Joe wouldn’t have been able to see it either. *SIGH* Kick her to the curb before all viewers kick GHI to that self same curb.

  9. Christina Avatar

    I have no idea what went on behind the scenes that caused the producers to get rid of most of the team and promote Barry to lead investigator. It was just a really bad move, in my opinion. Susan irritated me from the moment I saw her. I don’t know what it is about her, but she doesn’t give off a good vibe. Is it that she doesn’t seem like a team player? That she wants the focus to be on her? I don’t know, but it would be nice if she were the one replaced next season…if there is a next season.

  10. Lyn Beckwith Avatar
    Lyn Beckwith

    She surely wants all the focus to be on her. She craves attention. I have news for her though “You aren’t that interesting. Fake drama queens are a dime a dozen.”

  11. Alienwordz Avatar

    Surely Susan is a very minor player in the demise of the show, the lucky leprechaun, at least from my perspective has sent, the show into the toilet for the coup de flush.

  12. Susie Avatar

    I’m not even convinced she has any psychic ability. She’s always feeling faint, feeling dizzy, getting the chills, hearing voices, feeling tired and heavy etc etc etc – the list goes on! She doesn’t come across as genuine and I have a hard time believing in any claims she makes. I think she’s making the show look like light entertainment rather than a documentary type investigation!

    1. chrsitina Avatar

      She’s the main reason why I no longer watch GHI.

    2. Barry Huddleston Avatar

      I’m sure that she isn’t the only reason that the show was cancelled, but making GHI look like “Most Haunted” didn’t help.

  13. Terry Dominick Avatar
    Terry Dominick

    Susan needs to grow up and realize that paranormal investigations aren’t a play starring her. She had such promise once she stopped the 12 year old fake psychic crap in Ghost Hunters Academy but she has blown it! I hope she goes to college and sees a shrink.

  14. Josh Lewis Avatar
    Josh Lewis

    susan sucks

    1. Lewis Avatar

      Phew! I bet she does – she looks the type to give a blinder!

  15. Chase D. Avatar
    Chase D.

    I have met Susan personally at a recent ghost hunt. At that time she was extremely down to earth and was just another curious ghost hunter like the rest of us. She was very professional and when asked if she “read energy” or any of the para normally associated questions. She was very humble and simply stated that she did believe that she had been passed some gifts. I feel that it’s shameful that you all would comment such deplorable things about a young woman that you know absolutely nothing about. Leave it to the internet to slander someone. I love how you are comparing GHI who is made up of what I consider to be professional ghost hunters that don’t imply that EVERY location is haunted to a show like Ghost Adventures. I’ve met Zac in person as well and he is nothing but an egotistical self absorbed asshole and his show is the most fake load of crap I’ve ever heard in my life. Not to mention that if spiritual entities do in fact exist he is completely disrespectful. If I were one of those entities I would throw a brick at him as well.

    1. Barry Huddleston Avatar

      Chill out Chase. Take a breath and relax. If they put themselves in the public eye, they ( you — all of us ) should expect some criticism. As for Zak, I think that’s a fair reflection of Zak. A friend interviewed one of the people on an episode of GA and he said Zak spent most of the time checking his hair in his car’s mirror. lmao

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