Syfy’s “Being Human”

I don’t know how Syfy can call the “Americanized” version of a BBC program “original”, but I can live with it if they deliver more episodes like the first one. For those who missed either the BBC version or the Syfy version, the story is about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost rooming together.

I wasn’t impressed with Meaghan Rath’s ghostly character. Although she wept on the couch, I really didn’t see her inner turmoil. Perhaps she will fill out the character later?

I thought that Sam Witwer made an excellent vampire, but Sam Huntington stole the show as the werewolf.  I look forward to the rest of the episodes — good job Syfy!


5 thoughts on “Syfy’s “Being Human”

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  1. Huge relief. I was beginning to wonder if waiting another 45 minutes for it come on was wasting my time. I’m most excited about the werewolf because I think they’re hotter than vampires and I just love the wild side. I am hoping to have a new crush when the show is over tonight. Thanks for the early peek.

  2. Sounds like a fun show! I hope they do the REWIND thing with it on, as I do not have cable or any TV capability.

  3. I never realized it was a remake. I will have to go check out the BBC version. I did like it. I hope the rest are all this good.

  4. The BBC version is so much better. This version through a lot of it coppied the origional scene for scene. The syfy version has gotten better though since it went on it’s own and the bbc version changed entirely. I like the bbc being human way better though the syfy one is good too.

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