Ghost Hunters International: “Ghosts of the Eastern Bloc”

After this episode, I guess we know what direction the new GHI show has taken. They look less like an imitation of Ghost Hunters and more of an imitation of Ghost Adventures. The GHI crew visited two beautiful castles Pidhirtsi Castle, and Reszel Castle.

Pidhirtsi Castle is located in the Ukraine, I guess what stuck out the most to me was the introduction by Barry as he addressed the team as GHI. It was if he were not part of the team and was talking to a group of strangers. Barry and Kris find an inverted pentacle which they believe is a  Satanic shrine. Yeah, let’s not waste any time researching what it may be, let’s just call it Satanic.

I got a chuckle from Joe Chin giving us his best imitation of Zak Bagans with tingles and goosebumps. He freaks out seeing something between the cracks of a door ala Barry from an earlier season of GHI. Later Susan debunks the shadowy figure as nothing more than a sheet of plastic.

Susan has a semi-psychic moment ( I wonder if we will have more of those as the season moves along) and believed that she had been touched on the cheek. Full-spectrum pictures are taken of Susan, and those pictures show an odd shadow.

It is Reszel Castle that gives us the best laughs of the night. Barry freaks out when something touches his leg. That man has the heart of a lion — not.

Paul and Susan move to the bar, and Susan fills two glasses with ice water and adds straws. Shortly there after, Paul detects cold spots ( mmmmmm Paul ice water) and then a straw moves! We see and hear the ice as the straw shifts but Paul and Susan are in a state of paranormal rapture.

During the analysis the ice water poltergeist is revealed as nothing more than melting water, and Paul takes some good-natured teasing. I got a good laugh out of this group of professional ghost hunters.

Everything said and done, I really enjoyed the episode. Will it survive? I don’t know. As I said, it looks more like Ghost Adventures and that may not sit well with Ghost Hunters fans.


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  1. I’ve been saying forever that Kris needs to have a personality inserted, but away from intimidating parental figures, Jason and Grant, she was overly smiley, bubbly, giggling and animated. It was very scary coming from a woman with a flat affect, so it felt very forced. I think GH knows that GHI is circling the drain faster than they are. They lost all the people from original GH that we recognized and so they thought bringing in more GH folks it might look legit again, but it’s still miserable. I am so over this, even in cool locations, it just sucks. I’d keep Barry, but I think I’d do a show of just him sleeping alone in scary castles and get rid of the peripherals.

  2. Could not watch the show more than a few minutes. It’s not that I cannot accept change, I cannot accept the bland and mediocre. It’s not that I need entertaining schtick but it was painful to watch just within the first few minutes seeing investigators groping for something to say. I want to thank the producers for ruining what was once a great show and one I looked forward to watching. This just frees up my Wednesday nights to watch something less painful….I might as well get the Wedding Channel or watch basketball from the ’70’s on ESPN or Lingerie Football. Please do everyone a favor and end the show.

  3. I had to turn off the episode with the ice in the glass. Oh my god! A ghost is drinking from the glass because some ice melted which in turn caused the straw to move. Are they really that dumb? It’s so ridiculous. It’s like watching a bunch of toddlers run around with cameras and get excited over such meaningless nonesense. I have a great passion for the paranormal but this is just garbage.

  4. I have to pick up for Ghost Adventures here. Although, it’s got a great deal of humor and fluff; it’s been like that from the start. It works for that show. Plus, I assuming that where it’s on Travel that they need some snippets of history in there as well. Much better than filling it with inaudible evps and melting ice.

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