Is Larry Caughlan, Jr. gone? Fact or Faked

As is usual for the Syfy channel, rumors fly over changes in the cast of several of its paranormal investigative programs. The latest casualty seems to be Larry Caughlan, Jr. of Fact or Faked the Paranormal Files.

Larry was the tech guy, and his expertise was in special effects. I had some fun with him wearing a tie to the swamps while looking for bigfoot. Will Syfy cough up a reason for letting him go?

I doubt it. They have done the same thing to the cast of GHI more times than I can count. My thought is that it is nothing more than some experiments to increase their ratings. Larry was planning to get married so maybe that made him an easier target.

Well to use Larry’s own words “What’s my next career move? I want you all to choose for me.”

If I were you Larry, I would avoid anything attached to the Syfy channel.


10 thoughts on “Is Larry Caughlan, Jr. gone? Fact or Faked

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  1. He’s adorable, but definitely not ready for prime time. It’s tough because folks like Jael are models/actresses. He’s a smart guy, but the personality isn’t there for TV. Austin, maybe. Bill, maybe. Ben, maybe. The chicks have no personality between the two of them, but I’d see if I were targeting one, he’s the first I’d take down. Jael would be #2 on my hit list because she not only cannot emote, but she’s kind of whiny and has too much botox–can’t even wrinkle her brow. She has such a flat affect that she’s a total bore. (yawn) and she generally just seems annoyed by everything.

    1. I totally disagree!!! Larry had more personallity than all of the rest put together. Austin in the one that has no character.

  2. Wow, late to the party but a lot to respond to. Still no reason given four months after the shocking removal of Larry C., which is ridiculous. The guy was handsome and had a lot of charisma. I can say that because I am comfortable with myself.

    Now, if only autumnforest felt the same way about herself, she would realize that this is why she has written a bunch of foolishness about the beautiful Jael. Jael is gorgeous, under thirty and 100% percent natural. Further, the episode where she wore a that was some emoting… .

  3. The guy was a Corey Feldman wantabe, tie wearing douche! The show is much better with him gone. This guy makes Corey Feldman look cool!

  4. Larry left to pursue a PhD and get married. It’s pretty easy the info now but probably wasn’t available when this was originally written.

  5. He always seemed annoyed at the decisions made on the show or if his video wasn’t chosen. That’s why I think they fired him.

  6. Larry seemed like the kid in grade school who was the wannabe know-it-all….& no one likes either. There was something about him that just didn’t mesh well with the group…I don’t believe he would mesh well with anyone. No personality. Seemed like he had a hard time figuring out which emotion he should have…I dunno, something about him, pushes me away.🤔🖑

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