Received 12/16 Surprise More Books

I received a couple of interesting books from Gallery Books tonight. 

THE SECRET HISTORY OF ELIZABETH TUDOR, VAMPIRE SLAYER as told by Lucy Weston. I’ll have a review of this vampire slaying novel up on December 22nd.

The other novel is WAR OF THE WORLDS PLUS BLOOD, GUTS AND ZOMBIES by Eric Brown and H.G. Wells. This should test my theory that anything is better with zombies.

The poor man walked through cold rain to make it to my door. It’s no wonder those guys hate me. Oh, by the way ladies, I have a picture of myself semi-bare chested in my pajamas on Christmas morning. Would you like to see it ?

Syfy cancels SGU

The Syfy channel has cancelled Stargate Universe. Odd, when you compare some of the ratings, other Syfy shows with poorer ratings have been picked-up for another season. I guess that it isn’t about quality but getting the biggest bang for the buck and SGU lacked enough bang.

So Syfy continues to try to out USA the “USA Network”, may I suggest to them to try running scifi on the Syfy channel?  It’s just a thought.