Weiser Books 5 days of Yule Giveaway! « Weiser Books Blog

Check out Weiser Books “Yule” giveaway !Use the link at the bottom

All next week -12/13 through 12/17 – we will be giving away books – one book a day (different titles of course – thanks for the suggestions Twitter folk!) culminating on Friday with a complete set of the Weiser Field Guides.

I will announce the giveaway title of the day here, on FB and Twitter at 10am ET.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook then leave a comment there after the Yule Rules! post to let us know you did! If you are already a fan, just leave a comment and tell us.
  2. Sign up for the Weiser Books Newsletter and then tweet “I just signed up for the @WeiserBooks Newsletter at http://twurl.nl/76bo42 !”
  3. Visit us here at the Weiser Books Blog and comment after that day’s book announcement post! Be sure to leave your Twitter and FB handles so I know who you are.

Easy right? For each step you complete, your name will go in a hat (yes, an actual hat) – so if you complete all three steps you get 3 chances.

Weiser Books 5 days of Yule Giveaway! « Weiser Books Blog

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6 thoughts on “Weiser Books 5 days of Yule Giveaway! « Weiser Books Blog”

  1. I love the picture that is with this post! Santa riding a goat, on his way to a very adult party, no doubt! I mean, that look on his face! And what is is the bowl?

  2. I liked Weiser Books on Facebook, and my name on there is my full name: Deborah Anne Hart.
    And, I have been very good this year!

  3. I just visited Weiser Books blog page, very cool! and i almost forgot, on Twitter I am lovingly known as LotusHart!

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