Is Fact or Faked hoaxing locations ?

I guess the most important part of a show investigating the paranormal would be its credibility. If it isn’t honest and transparent with its investigations, you can’t really believe what you are seeing. Take for example Fact or Faked’s locations for its interviews.

In episode 104, Red Sky at Night we travel to “Paul’s house” for his eyewitness account. Notice the picture below with Paul as he is being interviewed.

In episode 108, the Hovering Humanoid, the FoF team travel to the same house to interview an eyewitness. Notice that the picture below is the same location.

Is it Paul’s house? If not, what does that say about the credibility of FoF. What connection does the woman from the Hovering Humanoid episode have with Paul? Is it a staged location for FoF interviews? Is it FoF’s house? Why use a home rather than interviewing the witnesses in an office? Did they think that a home would look more credible? If FoF has staged phony locations for interviews what else have they done?

Something has gone terribly wrong with Fact or Faked. What say you SyFy channel is it Fact or Faked ???

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  1. Tee hee hee. My best guess is that folks simply do not want anyone to know where they live. Imagine you’ve seen something hinky. You’re not going to stand on your front lawn with your neighbors mowing the lawn and point to the sky and talk to a film crew. I’d think it’s purely for their own privacy. Good find, though.

    1. I can understand privacy; but, you don’t need to drive up to a staged shot if your show is about debunking faked videos. You interview in the person’s home or at an office.

      I’m still waiting for your answer SyFy channel ???

  2. Nice article. I also wanted to add to this, two more instances where they didn’t seem to be very accurate. When driving to the Queen Mary to investigate the apparition walking in the hallway, they were driving East bound Ocean Blvd here in Long Beach. In the scene, while driving & discussing the case, they are heading in the wrong direction, away from the Queen Mary. About 2 miles past it to be exact. My condo complex is visible in that scene just before they pull into the entrance gate. (They needed to make a U-turn and head in the opposite direction which is West, almost 2 miles, and make a left turn on Queensway Drive).

    The second item in question was the footage of the flare hovering over the Long Beach Harbor. The claime was that the flare was fired from the Los Alamitos Militry Base which is 12 miles away from the Long Beach Harbor. Do flare guns shoot that far? Even if they did, how is it that the flare travelled 12 miles over populated neighborhoods without anyone noticing it along the way until it reached the Long Beach Harbor? If you live here and realize the distance, it doesn’t make any sense!

  3. You actually never know,some homes have the same structures.Take England,for example.Their Tudor buildings are very similar to German architechture.

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