Fact or Faked: Haunted Mansion Mist/Starlight Intruder

Is it just me or does anyone else think that Ben is not a former FBI agent. I don’t think that he could lead a team of geek squad to the breakroom.

I think that most people will be turned off by the antics of the Fact or Faked team. I have to admit that sometimes I can’t believe that I am wasting my time watching this stuff. Having said that, the epic fails of this show are so funny and the stupidity of the team members almost makes the show entertaining.

Take for example last night’s episode, Ben ( there is no way this guy was a former FBI agent, he couldn’t make it as a member of geek squad ) leads the FoF team to investigate a dust cloud in an alleged haunted house. The FoF team traveled to the McPike Mansion of Alton, Ill. I guess the idea was to imitate some of the failing paranormal shows that are dying a slow death.

At any rate, the team tries to replicate the dust swirl, but can’t match the effect. Maybe the dust swirl could have been a swarm of insects! Oh that’s priceless ! So our intrepid team fills a room with flies. Flies? Really? Of course, the effect was not the same. I had to wonder what was next, a plague of locusts? One of the team ( no I don’t know his name — why bother the show isn’t going to last that long ) “takes one for the team” and enters the room full of flies. If you wanted to impress me, you should have made it a room full of angry bees. Now THAT would have been a ratings grabber! Josh Gates is willing to fall into a pond of crocodiles and you give me a room of flies?

In the end, the team decided that the dust swirl was probably a dust swirl. The very thing that they shot down earlier. That episode stunk so bad that it must have drawn flies. Hey wait ? What happened to the flies ? Did they shoo them out ? Will another paranormal investigative team find thousands of dead flies ? Where they exterminated ? Hmmmmmmm.

In the segment the Starlight Intruder, the team investigated a UFO. It looked like a “V” shaped aircraft but it could have been almost anything. The team started with a kite, I guess that they missed the part of the video where the UFO flies across the sky. The one thing that we learned from the experiment is that the team is unable to fly a kite (yes, it crashed). In the end, the team decided that the UFO was a man hang gliding at night. I’m just glad that it wasn’t the swarm of flies from the first segment, or a flying Dartmoor Beast.

Fact, Faked or Flubbed …


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