Will Kris Williams resign during the live Halloween event? — NO !

Rumor has it that Kris Williams will be the next person to leave Ghost Hunters. The show seems to be imploding at the moment, if the rumors are true.

Will Kris announce that she is leaving during the live Halloween event this year ? Something like that might be the only reason to watch the show.


Kris will move to the GHI team or where careers go to die. When asked recently if she was moving to GHI, she said that she was not. I guess honesty is not needed for the new GHI team. Of course she may not have been able to say because of her contract. To that I would say,if you can’t honestly comment then don’t comment.


16 thoughts on “Will Kris Williams resign during the live Halloween event? — NO !

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  1. Ghost Hunters is one of the best shows on tv today & in a big port to the cast
    Jason, Grant, Steve, Tango, Kris & Amy
    Please don’t brack the team up
    First Steve & Tango where gone Now You say Kris is going to GHI
    The show is going to get mest up
    Keep the team together

    1. please do not leave the show i have alway’s loved the show and every body on it and if you leave the show it will never be the same. i will still watch the show but with out you there like i said it will never be the same to me you make the show i know it’s a team thing and it take’s a team to do a show that it why you should stay there with the team and make it a team the team i know and love so please just think about it ok thank’s…….:) 🙂 🙂

  2. Uhm yea… GH has gone downhill bigtime. While thier ‘science’ based approach to ‘ghost hunting’ severely lacks any form of scientific method, I’m all for the concept in theory. In reality they literally do the same crap over & over again. Please… someone remind me what an EVP is….. again. It gets real old. The only redeeming quality of the show is watching Kris Williams shake those nice child-bearing hips around on camera. U know every ‘TAPS’ team member has TAPPED that

  3. DurteeUnkleStoney, you are a JA. Don’t spread rumors when you don’t have any proof.

    As to why she’s leaving. I’m sure they are good ones, ro she wouldn’t be leaving. The show won’t be the same if she did leave though. I wonder if Amy would take over her position if she left.

  4. If you guys did your research before spreading rumors, you’d know Ghost Hunters is creating another spinoff called Ghost Hunters: Miami Beach. . .starring Kris Williams and Amy Bruni. Some of the TAPS academy students will be helping them out as well.

  5. You guys really need to do your homework before you start spreading rumors. If you did, you’d know that Ghost Hunters is creating another spinoff called Ghost Hunter: Miami Beach. It will be starring none other than Kris Williams and Amy Bruni along with a few cadets from the TAPS academy. WIll be rolling out late summer of 2011.

  6. First of all the only reason I have watched at all for the past few years is because Kris Williams is gorgeous. Once Kris is gone what do we have left? Let’s see…KJ who sees a shadow figure every single show at every single location in every part of the building he is in. And let’s not forget Brit who takes off running after every ‘spirit’ or ‘shadow’ he and or KJ see. Oh I almost forgot the island season. You know where they voted the wannabes off the island one at a time. This show and the entire GH organization have lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned. I no longer believe any of it is genuine anymore. The first season or two maybe even three had some interesting footage and audio captures but since adding Brit and KJ they are simply embarrassing themselves. I guess that Jay and Grant cared about credibility until the real money started rolling in. Its sad.

  7. Donna Lacroix…

    okay Kris is a fine form of woman alas that’s as far as she goes… there was a glimpse of her in knee high boots in 9 or was it 07–post All Hallows Eve show with all the really bad music too-( sheeeeesh….& I thought Soap opera were bad scored or 90210,etc… )

    Sooooo sad, such potential… all turned to crud in less than 5 yrs for a almost mega hit show. Bad music, camera shots,writing, facts all wrong too

    bbeinga weekly shot show is what did it in….along with credibility,in the paranormal community & smearing a network all at the same time.

    Still there were moments for Kris & the lovely Donna Lacroix ( You got my respect Donna ! )

  8. I have to admit im pretty bummed about Kris being gone as GHI sucks. Outside of Kris the entire cast is boring and total chicken shits. But for Kris, she’s great to look at but is one of the better female ghost hunters they have. But i would also have to agree with some other posters that say the series has lost a lot of its luster. Outside of Jason, Grant, Steve, and Tango the rest of the cast is pretty poor and make up shit 9 times out of 10 when they investigate. I think i just saw another shadow as i posted this…..

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