Richard Dawkins’ atheist charity embezzled

The charity, “Foundation for Reason and Science”, created by Richard Dawkins claims that an employee embezzled $375,000. Dawkins created his charity to “support scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding of the natural world in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and human suffering.”

Maybe in the future Dr. Dawkins might add ethics to the list of things that he wants to teach the world. On a side note, Dr. Dawkins placed the online store in the hands of the alleged embezzler because Dawkins was trying to work around a rule from British Charities Commission prohibiting the charity from running its own store.

I have seen the atheist community rip apart Christian charities who have been victimized by embezzlement. Will the same “tar and feather” mentality appear when the victim is an atheist organization? Will there be some blow back on Dawkins for evading the British Charities Commission rules ?


One thought on “Richard Dawkins’ atheist charity embezzled

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  1. An atheist organization is a ridiculous concept, anyhow. It is another business organization like religions are if you gather together and make a machine out of it. It’s no different than the overly inflated Catholic Church or Televangelist franchised organizations. If athiests want to make strides, they do so without uniting and putting cash into a business. The minute spirituality is sold on the marketplace, it becomes man’s puppet. Same goes for atheism. Honestly, I say it all the time and I still mean it; religion is the prostitution of spirituality. So, atheistic organizations are surely the prostitution of science and reason.

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